Vinny Parascandola Has Over Two Decades Of Insurance Experience

The insurance industry is one of the most important industries in the business world. Millions of people use insurance of all types to help them add a level of protection and security to various aspects of their lives. People have insurance on things such as their home, car, life, and health. There are many different reasons why people take out insurance on various things such as their home. One of the most important reasons is financial protection. Without some level of insurance, people would be totally responsible for all financial cost related to an event that occurs.


If people were in a car accident, without insurance people would have to pay all expenses related to the accident that they are responsible for causing. This could possibly include damage to the car, injuries to other people involved in the accident, potential legal cost related to the accident, hospital expenses, doctor expenses, and other accident cost. For many people, the potential for cost that exceeds their income and personal savings is possible. As a result, insurance provides a layer of protection because the insurance coverage on a car that is involved in an accident would pay the expenses concerning the accident instead of the people having to pay out of their own pocket.


While the likelihood of people being involved in a car accident is small in the same manner that having to use other insurance coverage is also small, many people prefer to pay for the cost of the insurance instead of taking the chance that they will need the insurance coverage and not have the insurance.


An insurance company that has been providing insurance for people for well over a century is AXA Advisors. A multinational company with its home offices in Paris, France, AXA Advisors is an insurance company that goes the extra mile to take care of its customers. The company provides a wide range of insurance to help people with various insurance needs.


One of the top senior executives at AXA Advisors is Vinny Parascandola. An insurance professional with over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Vinny Parascandola has bee a productive insurance professional his entire career. He has performed well in a variety of insurance jobs in his career. Vinny Parascandola is currently a senior level vice president at AXA Advisors were he is helping the company to reach and maintain great heights in the insurance industry.

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