Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory Reach Digital Entrepreneurs

The business world moved into a different age with the birth of the modern Internet. Before the Internet took shape, the business world was a local world. Companies focused on the local area and marketing was a local dynamic. When the Internet started to take hold, the business world saw what the possibilities could be with the Internet. Instead of just having to focus on what was within physical reach, the Internet made the business world global.


As the Internet became more and more popular and the technology that supported the Internet improved, the Internet became probably the biggest innovation known to man. What the Internet allowed was different than anything that had come before it. People all over the world could participate in the same things at the same time. Walls of distance were no concern on the Internet.


The introduction of the Internet along with the technology innovations that were occurring made digital operations possible. Technology was starting to become an integral part of business operations. Technology was being utilized in ways that had never been done before. The digital age was born, and the business world took the opportunity to jump right in the middle of the action.


The Internet allowed many new things to be done. One of those things was ecommerce. The Internet allowed people to purchase goods and services online. At the time, this was life-changing event. With people able to make purchases online, companies could do business with customers located anywhere in the world. Purchases were immediate. The systems to accept orders and ship products were automated. While technology improvements made the entire process better and better over the years. The ecommerce system was in place, and people were responding to the system.


Fast forwarding to today, the business world has grown by leaps and bounds regarding ecommerce and other activities on the Internet. The digital age is in full affect, and many people are looking to join in on the Internet opportunities. Digital entrepreneurs have appeared who want to start digital companies to ride the Internet wave.


With many digital entrepreneurs looking for assistance, companies such as the Swiss Startup Factory have been established to help digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate digital companies.

Mike Baur is a founding partner with the Swiss Startup Factory. He is one of the people at the company who is taking a significant role in making the Swiss Startup Factory a popular resource for digital entrepreneurs. Mike Baur helps with many aspects of company’s operations that include marketing, training, mentoring, planning, and consulting.

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