IAP Recapitalization and Hurricane Matthew Response

IAP Worldwide Services has over the years provided multiple services to the U.S government, organizations, government’s multinational agencies and commercial industries. This international contractor integrates its abilities in order to provide innovative, safe and reliable solutions to its worldwide customers. The company, which operates in close to 120 locations all over the world, has its headquarters in Florida.

IAP, which was once owned by Cerberus, supported the U.S military in its Iraq freedom operation. It also supported the military in its Afghanistan similar mission.

Hurricane Matthew and Others

IAP Worldwide Services will provide help and emergency power to support Hurricane Matthew. It has deployed teams to the support bases, which are on the East Coast. IAP will assist the various states along this critical areas that are bracing themselves for the worst. In the past, the company has responded to other hurricanes namely: Katrina, Katia, and Sandy among others. The company has offered such support as emergency power, commodities, expert personnel and communications systems. During the serious hurricane spell in 2011, more than one hundred power experts were deployed in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

The Director and Chief Executive intimated that his company was in communication with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Pittsburgh preparing to provide public works support, engineering support among other services. The CEO also said that his company was constantly in communication with the U.S government along with other agencies supporting mobilization ahead of Hurricane Matthew. Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, is adamant that his company is ready to offer the help that is needed by the communities.

Kaye Scholer

IAP Worldwide Services owed a total of $479 to two lien lenders on Facebook. Restructuring followed and the entire engagement was attended by Kaye Scholer advocates. Restructuring was not going to be an easy thing and therefore the lenders relied on the Government Contracts and Regulatory Compliance Department. The wealth of experience boasted by the U.S National Security, was not left behind in these engagements. The worldwide restructuring efforts of the IAP is in good hands according to IAP’s worldwide president. He is confident that the company’s debt structure will be successfully right sized to allow it some liquidity so that it can invest and grow its business. The new ownership of the company has excited positive feedback as the employees feel they are in great hands.

The incoming owners have formed IAP Global Services, LLC to act as IAP’s holding Company. A new board has also been constituted.

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