What George Soros Has Planned Ahead

Ending A Long Hiatus
After the 2004 defeat of John Kerry, George Soros decided to call it quits when it came to politics. He had long supported Democrats, such as his backing of Bill Clinton in the 1992 and 1994 presidential elections, but that particular election had an impact on him. He was absolutely certain Bush was going to lose that election. His hiatus lasted for more than a decade, but the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton turned everything around. He was excited about the prospect of politics again.

A Crushing Defeat
George Soros placed immense efforts into the campaign of Hillary Clinton. He served as a sort of bellwether, donating millions into super PACs designed to support the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Others quickly joined Soros and helped to give Hillary Clinton the largest campaign fund of any politician in American history. However, Trump was still able to pull off a victory in the electoral college on Time. Although this victory did not give him a popular vote victory, which he lost by two points, he was able to pull turnout among right leaning voters in the right states to ensure a victory. The victory came as surprise to just about every, but George Soros is exceptionally infuriated.

Making 2017 A Better Year
While 2016 delivered some crushing defeats, George Soros does not want to back down from politics on Politico. In fact, he is planning to help the left stage a comeback and eventually return to power. To bring this change about Soros is working with the leaders of the Democrat party and progressive donors such as the Democracy Alliance. With their assistance, Soros is certain the left can recover and find a way to gain back some favorable positions in national politics on project-syndicate.org. The first thing on the agenda of Soros is to fight Trump by any means in order to prevent him from enacting his agenda. The Trump administration, flush with religious conservatives and CEOs, is likely to attempt to undo much of the progress of the last 8 years. George Soros wants to stop that from happening. See: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2014/11/20/wake-up-europe/