Kevin Seawright Keen on Helping Youth Better Their Lives

Kevin Seawright has his sights set on helping youth excel in education and in life. Through the company he works for, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Seawright hopes to empower the local youth.

Earlier on in February this year, Kevin Seawright led his company into a partnership with NewarkWorks and a few prominent persons in Newark in an attempt to help the youth secure summer employment opportunities.

The Summer Youth Employment Plan was geared towards offering summer work experience to students from Newark region. The work experience was in turn expected to bring a positive turnaround in terms of the college graduation rates in the area. The program had been designed to include a range of activities. These include on-job training, empowerment talk sessions, lessons on finance management, and college preparation programs.

 Newark CEDC has been offering student employment programs even in the previous year. This year’s program was quite different from the rest as it had students tendering their applications online for the very first time. The 2016 program had also aimed at increasing the number of students employment opportunities from the year before’s figure of 3,000 to around 3,500.

In addition to everything, Kevin Seawright had also involved Santander Bank and TD bank in his 2016 program. He had hoped that the financial insights gained from the two corporate institutions would help participating students learn how to open accounts and save money.

 Kevin Seawright is a finance and administrative matters specialist. He is known for his innovative mind, organizational skills, visionary spirit, and strong business acumen. All these skills have enabled him to successfully craft and executive major projects over the years.

The East Coast community has been a major benefactor to his financial and administrative prowess as he has been based in the area for over 13 years.

 Kevin is currently the Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). He combines team play, technical initiatives, and well designed economic goals to help him achieve sterling results for this company.

He has previously sat at the helm of other key organisations where he has delivered equally sterling results.