Wikipedia Expands Native American Coverage

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has revolutionized how we find information on almost any subject. Wikipedia is the first place millions of people go when they are seeking information about companies, individuals or any other topic of note. Wikipedia has 29 million users and over 5.2 million articles written in English, making it one of the biggest projects on the internet. That said, Wikipedia realize there are certain subjects where they are lacking and would like to offer better coverage. Recently it was noted that a well-known Native American multimedia artist and poet, Esther Belin, had no presence on Wikipedia, even though this woman has received high praise for her work and is a best-selling author. The foundation that runs Wikipedia realizes there is not enough said about indigenous peoples and is taking steps to improve its coverage by creating Wikipedia pages about native peoples.

Why does this happen? There are two reasons for the lack of coverage, demographics, and access. Researchers at Oxford University discovered editors are more likely to represent cultures and places around the world than they are to write about their local cultures or countries. Access to broadband often determines if a would-be editor participates or not. Lack of broadband access is a particular problem for people living on tribal lands. Sixty-three percent of Native Americans living on tribal lands do not have access to broadband, and the numbers are even worse for people living in rural tribal areas.

Wikipedia holds an annual conference for Wiki editors and enthusiasts, Wikiconference North America this year will include an Indigenous Peoples’ Day edit-a-thon. Attendees will research articles about Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. Event organizers are hopeful of finding more articles about historical figures, Native American tribes, and movements in the community.

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