Contribution of Igor Cornelsen in Investment

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known International investor, banker, and venture expert. He has held various senior positions in Brazil until his retirement in 2011.



Normally, when an economy performs poorly, so does the banking sector. In 2014, Brazil’s economy was not performing well. However, two private banks in Brazil recorded positive results. Cornelsen used his knowledge and experience as a banker to help these banks make profits. Through his advice, he has been very critical in enhancing investors make the informed decisions. This has led to success and more profits for such investors. Most people who want an unbiased opinion regarding any business consult Cornelsen due to his expertise.


Financial Advice

Failure to understand what one is doing is the main cause of failure in investment. Igor Cornelsen has studied about the stock market for many years. He provides advice to people on how to make informed decisions when investing. He says it is advisable for one to have various investments as this increases chances of making more profits and reduces the probability of making losses. Such moves also enhance the chances of succeeding.


A company that gives returns regularly is better to invest in than one that takes more time. This is because companies that give returns regularly are easier to analyze and know how they are performing than those that don’t give returns regularly. Investors should also put their money on financially productive companies. A company that has been successful for a long time is the best one to invest in.


International investors should consider trading partners of the country they are investing in. Understanding of those countries increases the understanding of one’s investment leading to more profits. International investors should respect the laws and regulations of the countries they are investing in. This enables such firms to work without getting in any difficulties with the government.


History as an Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a former investor and banker. While in his country, Brazil, he has worked for some of the biggest financial organizations in the country. He then quit the banking sector to concentrate on investments. He has been providing advice to prominent companies like Burger King for many years. Currently, he is a proprietor at Bainbridge Investment in the Bahamas. He provides financial advice on investment