Goettl: The leading Air Conditioning and Heating Experts

Goettl has been in the air conditioning and heating niche for quite a while now and it has built quite the name for itself by making strategic partnerships that go a long way into improving customer support. This has grown it into one of the most reliable and customer friendly HVAC companies in the market right now.

Goettl’s Latest Acquisitions and Revenue Reports

Goettl purchased the assests of Desert Valley Mechanical, an air and ventilation company based in Phoenix. Desert Valley Mechanical will now be operational under Goettl’s contractor license number and name. Goettl has the rights of all assets for Desert Valley. John Linner, the founder of Desert Valley joined the management team of Goettl. Kenneth Goodrich is the Chairman of Goettl Air Conditioning and according to him he was impressed by the John Linner. John Lenner is focused on customer service and had a strong customer base,therefore, fixing him on management team was a key strategy of the acquisition.

In 2014 , Goodrich estimated a nine percent increment in revenue because of the Desert Valley purchase. When the deal in Las Vegas closed, a twenty two percent increment was predicted. Goettl prides itself in the ownership of some plumbing companies like the Sunny Plumber. The air conditioning company aims at partnering or merging with plumbing contractors to grow the brand.

Goettl’s Core Services

Goettl has been offering the best air conditioning services since 1939. The customer service they offer is outstanding thanks to the technicians who are highly trained and innovative. Goettl provides air conditioning services as well as repair and maintenance. The technicians at Goettl provide installation of air conditioning of high quality.

Goettl is recognized by business owners as the leading Air Conditioning company. Goettl should be the company to fix your heater if it stops functioning during winter. The personnel at Goettl are well trained to deal with heat pump and furnace problems. Goettl acknowledges the fact that indoor air quality should be high to avoid potential health risks. The company offers good air quality products to ensure that the atmosphere in the house is clean, healthy and relaxing

Goettl considers air conditioning to be a life support system and not a luxurious service in Phoenix, Arizona.