Why USHEALTH is One of the Best Insurance Providers Today

Why USHEALTH is One of the Best Insurance Providers Today

USHEALTH Group is an insurance provider based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has 50 collective years of experience in health insurance, and this has helped them to tailor their products according to the market. They also have an improved relationship with clients. Some of the packages that they offer include disability income insurance, critical illness, life, sickness, and accident insurance. They are able to provide better customer service. The company’s team of agents is always available to provide sales assistance to clients. The agents are located all over the country. Finding them is as easy as keying in your zip code on the site.

Clients who do not want to pay high deductibles each year or are limited financially can select a package with first dollar benefits. This package comes with discounts across several providers. It is an assurance to the customer that they will be covered despite the fact that they have been clients for a short time. Members of USHEALTH Group can view details about their cover by logging in online. Customers can see information about treatment cost estimates, coverage benefits, and pharmacy costs. The firm has served more than 10 million customers since it was started. One of the reasons for their success is their focus on giving tailored plans to customers which result in happy customers. The various options that they offer provide more choice to the client who can choose a package that they consider to be most applicable.

USHEALTH Group has made a reputation for itself for a short time that it takes to process claims. This is due to their many years of experience that has enabled them to offer services faster. Some of the organizations that they have partnered with include CVS, Mississippi Health Partners, and Devon Health Services. This ensures that their clients receive healthcare services in very many places around the country. It is easy to find nearby PPO networks on the company’s site by entering the zip code.

The Better Business Bureau awarded them an A+ rating for their dedicated approach to customer care. The firm was also ranked as one of the top call centers in North America for their personalized customer service. Prospective customers can get a free quote on the site so that they can get a rough idea that the company offers. The current CEO of the company is Troy McQuagge. He was appointed in 2014. His leadership has propelled the company to the top. It has also increased the profits. USHEALTH has won numerous accolades over the years including Gold at the One Planet Awards in 2016 and a Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service.

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Award Winning Healthcare CEO Maggie Gill’s Legendary Success

Maggie Gill is the currently serving at Memorial Health University Medical Center as the CEO and President, a healthcare provider based in Savannah, Georgia, catering to South East Georgia and parts of South Carolina. Maggie started working for Memorial Health in 2004 as Vice President. She is in charge of directing executive and professional leadership, financial management and operational and policy planning.

She was instrumental in key expansion, development and restructuring projects at the organization with tremendous success. She rose through the ranks to end up at the top spot in 2011. Recently, Maggie announced a successful strategic partnership between Medical Health and EON Health that enables Medical Health patients to enjoy a custom no-premium Medicare program with extended benefits such as dental and hearing. This is part of her push to have affordable quality health care accessible to everyone for community growth in line with the Affordable Care Act.

Maggie has had an award-winning career in healthcare. Before Medical Health, Maggie worked for Tenet South Florida Health as the CFO where she was severally recognized with the title Tenet Outstanding CFO. Just recently, her leadership and management success at Medical Health was recognized by Beckers Hospital Review, a prominent regional healthcare journal, on their list of “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know.” She also made the Beckers list of women leaders the same year.

Her enormous success at Tenet exposed her to various other institutions and their operational systems such as Coral Gables Hospital and Palmetto General Hospital among others and attracted the leadership position at Medical Health.

Maggie Gill is passionate about mentoring medical students to impact community development. The Georgia Medical Society has credited her cohesive approach to executive management of healthcare professionals. Her team at Medical Health won seven awards at the society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes forum in 2016.

Maggie Gill is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s and Saint Leo University, FL with masters. She advanced further with a strategic thinking and management course at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. During her free time, she loves the outdoors and is to be found enjoying activities such as adventure travel, fishing and hiking with her family.