Lessons Learnt from Eric Pulier’s Success

Pulier is one of the highly-decorated professionals in the technological industry. He is based in Los Angeles but was raised in Teaneck. His is a story of excellence following his childhood passion.

Pulier, since his early years, had more than just a mere interest in computers. He was not just a curious kid, he indeed knew how to work his way around computers, at a very tender age. In fact, by the time he was in fourth grade, he was already programming computers. He also started his first computer database company while still in Teaneck High school.

Aside from technology interests, Pulier does other things, among them, journalism, editing, public speaking, entrepreneurship and philanthropy acts. His journalistic side bloomed when in Harvard University. He was an English and American Literature major. While studying here, he participated in writing a column for the Crimson Weekly. He also acted as an editor for the paper.

While at Harvard, Eric Pulier also took Environmental Studies and Computer Science. He would also attend the nearing Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The year 1988 saw him graduate Magna Claude. Six years down the line and his first company began. People Doing Things was established with the aim of developing technological solutions to solve various shortcomings in the economy. With the company, Pulier hoped to improve the quality of life for various communities.

Since PDT, Pulier has developed more companies that have been very successful. Some, he has retained under his name, while others have been sold for millions of dollars.

Apart from living the dream, Pulier uses a fair share of his wealth to help the less fortunate in the society. Being a family man, he is particularly interested in helping children. Especially, those suffering from chronic illnesses. For this reason, he started Starbright, an application for helping children with long term illnesses and chronic diseases form friendships and share their stories.