Energetic Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is among today’s most innovative and energetic entrepreneurs. Eric is a devoted father of four children and is active with many small, large and charitable businesses alike. After graduating from Harvard in 1988 with Bachelor’s degrees in Visual and Environmental Studies, Computer Science as well as English and American Literature.


Eric’s vast intellect was observed early on in life as he began to program computers in the fourth grade. As his education honed his already sharp intellect, by the time he graduated high school he had already began a database computer company.


After completing his advanced education Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to further his ambitions. He has gone on to found or co-found many startup companies that then gained a secure foothold in the economy and thrived and has also been active in many noble philanthropic efforts throughout his life.


Eric’s interest and skills in computer science and data management has allowed him to work with President Bill Clinton to assist in cloud computing in at-need communities. He also pioneered at home educational media platforms such as a program to help those with multiple sclerosis learn more about their disease. Most noteworthy among his philanthropic efforts is the Painted Turtle, a fantastic summer camp specifically tailored for children with special medical needs who otherwise would not be able to have a chance at having a classic summer camp experience.


Some of the other ventures Pulier has been involved with are: Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, additionally he has also invested in venture capitals such as; Ecompanies, Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital. He is also an active investor in several startups at seed level, most of which have gone on to have successful financial gains.


Eric Pulier is also an accomplished author, starting the writing portion of his career off early by editing the Harvard College Newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. He then went on to co-author ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ with co-author Hugh Taylor. He also published a piece in the March 2012 issue of Forbes Magazine titled: “The Enterprise Industrial Complex”. Eric Pulier is one of today’s most energetic and dedicated entrepreneurs, donating his time, energy and financial resources all across the board.