ClassDojo Empowering Students Every Day

Studies have always proven that students who receive help from parents and a sense of encouragement from them always succeed more in school. When they are encouraged to study or they receive help, they have a genuine intention to continue growing and developing. ClassDojo allows for something like this to happen. This app gives teachers the ability to capture a moment in class and send it to parents in an instant, provided the parent also has downloaded the app. Teachers can video tape a speech or anything that a child does and show his or her mother or father in an instant. The app can capture a moment for a parent to remember forever.  More on

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Teachers today are also using it as a listening tool to better help showcase to parents what their kids need in an instant. It’s such a great way for kids to have their parents be a part of their educational journey. They can learn to see what the child needs and is looking for to better their school experiences. ClassDojo also has recently received $21 million in revenue funding, and it is the perfect way for them to help improve the app from the ground up and genuinely lead their team in the right direction to create more potential work for the future. ClassDojo wants to also add more features and provide even better ways for parents and teachers to better communicate. Only time will tell what other things they add to make it even more worthwhile for students.  Source: