Experience the World with Lovaganza

The Lovaganza entertainment brand showcases different cultures from around the world with music, dance and cinema. The audience becomes captivated by the spectacular display. Lovaganza’s mission is to inspire people from all over the world and to spread knowledge of the many cultures that exist all over the globe. People will discover what makes us all unique and will understand how we are all one.

Lovaganza will tour over 50 cities across the world in 2020. The tour will be called “Lovaganza 2020” and will run from May through September. The audience will experience different cultures through works of art, films, dance, exhibits and performances. The company will continue to prepare and plan for the production until its kick off.

The objective of the 2020 tour on Wikidot is to unite cultures from around the world and to facilitate patience for different religions, languages and races in hopes to encourage world peace.

Cinematic films will be displayed during the Lovaganza tour that will sample various cultures.

The Sunshine Project on finance.yahoo.com is currently a major production of the Lovaganza brand. It showcases a series of films that portray historical events that are centered around a theme of hope, faith and inspiration.

The Traveling Show will follow after the 2020 tour to give the audience an idea of what they can experience in all 8 flagship locations around the entire globe.

The Lovaganza Caravan will kick off the show and will feature the “guest explorers” actors that will immerse into the world of LOVAGANZA® and discover the different cultures on the globe through the adventures of “The Marvelous 12”, a 3D animated series.

Inside the Lovaganza pavilions will present A WALK AROUND THE WORLD™ attraction that will allow the audience to “walk around the world” in different countries of all continents, and better understand what different cultures.

Jean-Francois Gagnon (Born September 25, 1969) is the master mind behind Lovaganza. He is of French-Canadian descent and directs, writes and produces films.

Him and his wife Genevieve Gagnon have been working on “The Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy and TV series since 2010 and it expected to release it 2018.

He is also the co-creator of the Lovaganza 2020 celebrations tour.