The Immense Contribution of Dr. Avi Weisfogel to the Dental World and To Sleep-Disorders

Sleep apnea has ravaged the lives of a countless number of people worldwide. While researching for a cure, it became evident that there was indeed a strong degree of correlation between sleep apnea and conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and even strokes. Therefore, finding a remedy for the lack of sleep would consequently result in a cure for the related medical issues as well.


Rethinking Strategy


Dr. Avi is among the leading researchers and voices in this particular realm. His works are responsible for the discovery of numerous techniques and treatments. It is now well-known that there is indeed a correlation between oral hygiene and sleep. Dentists are now more involved in sleep apnea than at any other time in all recorded history.


The medical experts are forced to go back to the drawing back to rethink strategy. The remedies which used to work in the past cease being effective, and new approaches have to be developed. One of the most recently introduced mechanical treatments for sleep apnea is the THN Sleep Therapy developed by ImThera Medical. The device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in clinical experiments.


FDA Approval


New age treatments for this condition are smaller in size and inconspicuous. They are easier to use, and the implant devices often work quietly in the background.


The FDA issued a go-ahead and a green light to innovations targeting the stimulating the upper airways in 2014. Dr. Avi Weisfogel considers the new solutions as a win-win scenario. Here’s why: Doctors help to find a definitive cure for sleep apnea, and they also make some money on the side in the process.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Together with two other dentists, they founded the Dental Sleep Masters in April 2004. The clinic based in South Orange, New Jersey was mostly concerned with the research and development of new means and avenues of combating sleep apnea. Before cofounding Dental Sleep Masters, Avi was a principal lecturer and owner of the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Dr.Avi is a devoted father and husband who loves skiing and sports.

George Soros Not Black Lives Matter’s Bank

There has a been a long-standing rumor ever since the inception of the Black Lives Matter movement. This rumor theorizes that the movement was created by people working for liberal billionaire George Soros and that he himself was funding the entire movement. Right-wingers that hold this belief think this way because Soros has been a longstanding supporter of Hillary Clinton and has even helped her raise money in the past for her campaign. The Black Lives Matter has been known to interrupt speeches by presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush in the past year. The movement has also been in the news in recent days protesting more killings of black men by policemen after being stopped for relatively harmless crimes.

Kelly Riddel is an investigative reporter for the Washington Post. She has said that Soros has used his Open Society Foundation to funnel money through different left-wing charities and get the money to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ken Zimmerman is the U.S. director of the Open Society foundation. He has stated that the rumors alleging that George Soros funded Black Lives Matter is unfounded. The $33 million dollar comes from a portion of the Open Society Foundation’s charitable donations that go to social justice campaigns. A lot of this money was earmarked for the fight to stop the war on drugs. Zimmerman stands by his numbers that prove that George Soros couldn’t have possibly funded the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Black Lives Matter is also far too splintered and neutralized to be funded by a single entity. It is a completely grass roots organization thats leadership is different from one community to the next. There is no leader that can divvy out the money or a headquarters for the organization at It is a completely grassroots paradigm that is effected through peaceful protests, online blogs, and Facebook discussions. The hashtag is often trending on different social media sites because of the steam that the Black Lives Matter movement has gained due to the recent killings. This type of operation is almost impossible to be run or funded by just a few people, let along George Soros by himself.

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Bob Reina: A Unique Entrepreneur


While many entrepreneurs leave steady jobs to start their businesses, few have had the vision and determination of Bob Reina. A former police officer, Bob has always been a person who knew how to get the best out of people in any situation. Whether he was dealing with residents while on his beat or working with his employees while CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob has always had a clear-cut vision for success that few others could match.

As an innovator in video email, Bob used his vision for success to create a company that has revolutionized the industry. Always looking ahead, Bob and his team start early in the day talking about how to turn ideas conceived in brainstorming sessions into reality. To accomplish this, Talk Fusion uses an all-encompassing approach involving constant analysis of current and future trends, allowing Bob and his team to stay ahead of the competition. Considered the undisputed leader in real-time communication technology, Talk Fusion has concentrated much of its efforts on WebRTC Technology, letting people communicate around the world by being anywhere at anytime.

Having achieved tremendous success in his business ventures, Bob has been able to utilize his success to help others. One of his biggest passions has been helping animals, where he has worked with a number of non-profit groups in recent years to help numerous animals find forever homes. To demonstrate his commitment to this cause, Bob often brings many of his own pets to the office each day, believing they help create an even more relaxed work environment.

As he continues on his quest to make Talk Fusion bigger and better than ever, Bob knows it will take a combination of passion and hard work in order to stay ahead of the pack. However, as he has done since his days at the University of South Florida and later at the police academy, Bob is always willing to put in the work necessary to be number one.