The diagnosis that set Eric Lefkofsky on a new course in big Data

Eric Lefkofsky has a legacy to protect in the world of e-commerce. Eric Lefkofsky’s company named Groupon is worth $2.2 billion. This is a company that deals in connecting merchants and clients in the e-commerce world. When Liz became his wife, things had to change. Liz is one of the Chicago-based prominent collector and arts patrons. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time, things started taking a different direction. This is the experience that left Eric Lefkofsky into a different direction in life and business. While this is true to many families, the cancer diagnosis is one of the major heartbreaks. The couple started gambling for information. lefkofsky at Twitter.

According to Eric, it is a terrifying ordeal to have your wife diagnosed with breast cancer. While it is true that the end of the game is death, doctors will keep on saying that all will be ok. However, they do not realize that it is an untreatable disease. For the entrepreneur, this was one of the worst storms in his life. He started building businesses using the correct available data on the market. This was the biggest problem in his life because he wanted to spend much of his time fixing it. During this time, his daughter Tempus was born.

Because of this problem, he decided to develop an operating system to help cancer patients increase their lifespan. It is also a technology platform used to collect molecular data and anatomic information with the data obtained in the clinic. For this reason, they compiled this report to in the operating system. Because of this information, doctors can now come up with the correct diagnosis to have the cancer patients treated with keenness.

For instance, a combination of radiation and chemo can be adjusted to create a better history in the result. The operating system also allows the medical makeup history to generate a better alternative to the radiation and chemo treatments for cancer patients. Lefkofsky has always boasted about the success of his company. However, things changed when this tragedy hit his family. While this is not a good idea, he has turned it into the best information system for other people. for more .