James Dondero; The Investment Guru

James Dondero was interviewed by Barron’s Magazine for his role in the success of the Highland Global Allocation Fund. He was asked about the biggest reason for his success. He said that it was his ability to solve problems. This involves thinking through and deliberating on emerging trends, complex debt deals, and corporate turnarounds. The Highland Global Allocation Fund is worth $900 million. The fund offers investors inexpensive access to investment ideas recommended by Dondero. The fund was added to Morningstar’s world allocation category despite the fact that it does not resemble some of the other funds.


It holds half of the securities that the average funds hold. A huge portion of its assets is invested in one sector or company. Dondero defines them as themes. Some of the recent ones include Argentina and master limited partnerships in energy. The performance of the funds has risen and dropped several times in the last two years since it invests in few themes. The company started out at the top in 2014. It fell to the bottom after making early investments in energy in 2015. These early picks in energy eventually sent it to the top last year after they performed well.

James Dondero directed the fund’s efforts towards Argentina after news about its debt emerged in 2012. They made many trips to the country in the next two years to conduct research and analysis on the viability of the investment. The fund ultimately invested in the debt of the government and saw the bond price rise after the election of Mauricio Macri as president. The fund donates more than $3 million towards charities and non-profits each year. This is in line with its mission of transforming and improving the community.


Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance. He is considered one of the pioneers of collateralized loan obligations. Dondero is a certified financial analyst. He held roles at other top companies such as JP Morgan, American Express, and Protective Life before founding Highland. Dondero is the chair of the boards of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is the manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies and Highland Small-Cap Equity.

Tony Petrello: The CEO And President Of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the current President and CEO of the Nabors Industries. This is a company that deals with oil, gas and geothermal drilling. They operate in different countries in America, Africa, Middle East and the Far East.

Mr Petrello was elected to the executive committee board and also the board of directors of the company in 1991. He was serving as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the company from 1991 to 2011. He was later promoted to his current position in 2011. He became the deputy chairman of the board in 2003 and later the chairman. He has been serving as the chairman of the executive committee since 2012.

He is the president and CEO of the company, and he is charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the operation of the company. In addition to that, he provides strategic planning and direction that enable the company to achieve its set goals and objectives.

Before joining the company, Tony was working for the Baker McKenzie law firm between 1979 and 1991 when he resigned. His responsibilities in the firm included general and the corporate law, international arbitration and taxation. In 1986, he was promoted to the position of the managing director of the of the New York firm until 1991.

Tony serves with a team of people including William Restrepo who is the CFO and Mark Andrews, the corporate secretary among others.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. He also has a Juris Doctors, Law from the Harvard School of Law.

He serves as a director to two companies Stewart & Stevenson LLC and the Hilcorp Energy Company.

Overcoming adversity

Tony’s daughter was born with periventricular leukomalacia a neurological condition caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. It was after this that he decided to support research being done on the different conditions that affect children. He is an advocate to a clinical program that addresses the needs of children with neurological conditions. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about Tony Petrello: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

Focus on the Future Trends in Tech Fashion and Chris Burch

Technological and fashion industries have witnessed a number of changes over the years. The only thing that has remained constant is how both grow together. Technology has become fashionable over time and fashion has in turn become technologically fashionable. A comparison of the present to the past shows a brighter future ahead. This can be compared to the evolving of how people enjoy their personal music. In the 70s, the boom box was the in-thing and it was made more popular in the 80s by numerous movies. The 90s saw the Walkman invented and it changed the experience of personal music. A decade later, the iPod altered the way people enjoy their music completely. This is proof that technology grows with the popularity of what is considered fashionable.



What does the Future Hold?



At the moment, fashion and technology synthesis is on top gear. Fashion designers are seeing the possibility of coming up with great designs that will deliver using technology. Such uses will bring about higher standards in functionality and innovation. Already the fashion world has witnessed the designs of dresses that are capable of fixing drinks and painting themselves by Anouk Wipprecht. The Dutch-based fashion designer states that technology offers a field of experiment that gives more possibilities as you delve deeper into it.



Other designs meant to protect users like an airbag for cyclists by Terese Alstin and her counterpart Anna Haupt has been created. Frontline Gloves have offered firefighters a great way of communicating using signals as they work as a result of using technology. There are designers who have turned to recycling used materials to come up with fabulous fashions. A plan is underway to use technology and fashion in creating energy used to power watches, MP3s and so on. A prototype shoe capable of charging a cell phone is being developed by Soledad Martin.



About J. Christopher Burch



Christopher Burch founded and is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The investment philosophy applied by the company is a direct expression of his vision and entrepreneurial values on scouting for new opportunities and applying creativity, imagination, support, incubation and scale. This has led to disruptive businesses and brands that bring about a positive, lasting and direct impact on the lives of consumers.



In over 40 years, he has participated in rising over 50 companies. He has a huge track record in connecting modernization to impact. Burch Creative Capital currently has a brand portfolio that includes companies such as Coccon9, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Nihiwatu.

Chris Burch Makes The Connection Between Fashion And Technology

There have always been and will always be two industries which are ever-changing: Technology and fashion. As times change, and people grow, fashion and technology change with it. As Chris Burch easily points out, the two industries not only grow, but they grow together. They may even need each other; depend on each other for their growth.



In the 70s, the invention of the boom box allowed people to carry their favorite music around with them. People could also record their favorite music. In the 80s, when the boom box was added to more and more movies, the popularity of it grew. People needed the boom box because of its popularity. It became a fashion statement. The boom box became a favorite accessory.



In the 90s, this experience became even more popular with the invention of the Walkman. Everyone traded in their boom boxes for Walkmans. Then, in the early 2000s, this experience became even smaller and more popular with the invention of the iPod. Technology tends to grow with the popularity of what people consider fashionable.



Nowadays, technology and fashion are starting to fuse together. Fashion designers, by definition, create what delivers.



Fashion can also advance through technology not as a fashion statement, but for its functionality. It may not be fashionable to wear head protection, for instance, but the Airbag for Cyclists is a fashion that offers protection. It is a wearable airbag that one wears around their neck and deploys in the event of a crash. Frontline Gloves are worn by firefighters and allow them to communicate with each other through simple hand gestures.



Designers are also using fashion as en environmental statement and a way to further environmental technology. Designers are creating fashions using recycled materials like plastic, copper, and inner tubes. Other designers are creating fashions that can create energy. One designer is even working on a pair of shoes that can charge a phone by walking or running.


 Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This company is an expression of his values and vision for opportunities, imagination, and creativity that has led to his support of businesses that have a positive, direct impact on consumers’ lives.



He has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has had his hand in the success in over 50 companies. Burch Creative Capital’s collection includes the likes of Poppin, Cocoon9 and ED by Ellen Degeneres. He has also owned the Trademarks of brands like Hotel + Universe and Voss Water.

Swiss Business Professional and Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a former banking professional who has recently become an entrepreneur. He founded the company known as Swiss Start up Factory. This company specializes in providing capital and mentorship to start up businesses. Before Mike founded Swiss Start up Factory, he was involved with investing in start up companies.  During this time, Mike would often work with a number of businesses and help them find ways to get the capital necessary to start up. Therefore, Mike has had a long career of helping businesses get the necessary resources to achieve their goals.


Before Mike got involved in entrepreneurship and investing, he worked in the banking field for over two decades. This gave him a lot of experience in learning about businesses and how they operate. Is also gave him lots of valuable insight as to what many need in terms of capital. During his career in banking, Mike would regularly consult with businesses and go over their needs and goals. Since many were start ups looking to begin operations or expand, Mike often looked to provide them with loans. By giving out a number of loans, Baur would be in position to help a number of entrepreneurs finance their businesses.


Once Mike decided to leave the banking industry, he began investing in start up companies. His previous experience in banking enabled him to become familiar with the profit potential of start up companies. Therefore, Baur would often put a considerable amount of his capital in the businesses and receive a return. This venture proved to be quite successful as Mike would make high profits on a regular basis. After experiencing success by investing in start up companies, he would then begin to start up his own company.


By the year 2014, Mike Baur founded Swiss Start up Factory in order to help numerous entrepreneurs reach their goal of starting a business. The company uses one of the more innovative business models around. It is a combination of a venture capital and consulting firm. It is also a viable alternative to traditional banks in terms of accessing capital. Swiss Start up Factory works by having a number of entrepreneurs come to an event and present their business idea. Mike then evaluates each idea and chooses the ones he thinks have the most potential. Once he takes on a client, Mike will often provide capital and consulting to these start ups.


Keith Mann Raises Funds for the Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann is a successful executive in the search industry. He is recognized as one of the individuals who have been in the department for a long time, and he has a lot of experience in staffing and hedge fund compensation. He has worked in different companies in the top positions, and this is why he has acquired a lot of experience.


Before starting his company, Keith Mann was the Managing Director in an institution known as Dynamic Executive Search. He did well in the company, and he was responsible for recruiting for the global finance firms. Keith increased the profits and sales of the company during his tenure. He, however, resigned from the Managing Director position in the company to start the Dynamic Search Partners in 2009.


Dynamic Search Partners focuses on alternative investment organizations, and it has transformed the lives of many companies in the United States. Keith Mann is the chief executive officer of the company, and he is in charge of the daily operations of the institutions. He mostly focuses on helping his customers in merchandising, internal strategies, hiring investments and developing new platforms.


The Dynamic Search Partners, under the leadership of Keith Mann, recently hosted a special program for the Uncommon School. The event was held at the popular Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The event was attended by some of the prominent members of the financial services community in the country. The program managed to raise over twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon Schools. According to Keith Mann, the funds raised during the event will be used to support an exclusive program for student in the charter school.


The Uncommon Schools are based in New York City, and their main aim is to prepare millions of students who come from financially challenged families in the United States. The funds raised will help the institution in fulfilling its objectives to these students. Keith Mann and his organization are doing their best to ensure that the students have a better life and attend good colleges.

Josh Verne’s Insight of Being Successful

As the old saying goes, old is gold. The same is for Josh Verne. Twenty years of experience in entrepreneurship and business have made him a very resourceful business person. The advice he offers is enough to transform a normal person into a successful person. Josh Verne has devoted his life to starting, developing and ultimately selling his business for a lot of money. In the past, Josh Verne has been involved with successful ventures such as Workpays.me. Currently, he is with Flocku.com where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. He attributes success to seeing what other people cannot see and also happens to be his favorite quote.


4 years ago, he joined hands with Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas to come up with a corporation called Workpays.me. With only a few months into the business, the company had generated a lot of revenue and had turned these gentlemen into heroes. Josh Verne most influential books are Made in America by Sam Walton and the Rocky. Recently, he talked about the tips that one should follow about being successful and this is what he had to say.


Find out your passion

Josh Verne figured out that everyone must have something that they love. To be successful, you must find out what you love and concentrate on it. He talks of figuring out that one thing that makes you wake up early in the morning. People lacking a passion in life end up complaining all the time about how their lives are boring. However, Josh Verne acknowledges that there are people with passion and they are not successful in life.


Balance is everything

To be successful in this world, Josh Verne recommends people to live a balanced life. For instance, there is the need to have wealth, being healthy and finding love. Where balance doesn’t exist, Josh Verne says that success is unlikely to prevail. People with a family should ensure that there is food for their family so that they do not starve.

Listen more than you speak


Being successful requires one to speak less and listen more. This is according to Josh Verne who says that’s the reason people have two ears and one mouth. He acknowledges that whenever people speak less and listen more, they give their words more power than people who talk more and listen less.


Finally, to be successful, Josh Verne advises people to be leaders other than being bosses.