Swiss Business Professional and Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a former banking professional who has recently become an entrepreneur. He founded the company known as Swiss Start up Factory. This company specializes in providing capital and mentorship to start up businesses. Before Mike founded Swiss Start up Factory, he was involved with investing in start up companies.  During this time, Mike would often work with a number of businesses and help them find ways to get the capital necessary to start up. Therefore, Mike has had a long career of helping businesses get the necessary resources to achieve their goals.


Before Mike got involved in entrepreneurship and investing, he worked in the banking field for over two decades. This gave him a lot of experience in learning about businesses and how they operate. Is also gave him lots of valuable insight as to what many need in terms of capital. During his career in banking, Mike would regularly consult with businesses and go over their needs and goals. Since many were start ups looking to begin operations or expand, Mike often looked to provide them with loans. By giving out a number of loans, Baur would be in position to help a number of entrepreneurs finance their businesses.


Once Mike decided to leave the banking industry, he began investing in start up companies. His previous experience in banking enabled him to become familiar with the profit potential of start up companies. Therefore, Baur would often put a considerable amount of his capital in the businesses and receive a return. This venture proved to be quite successful as Mike would make high profits on a regular basis. After experiencing success by investing in start up companies, he would then begin to start up his own company.


By the year 2014, Mike Baur founded Swiss Start up Factory in order to help numerous entrepreneurs reach their goal of starting a business. The company uses one of the more innovative business models around. It is a combination of a venture capital and consulting firm. It is also a viable alternative to traditional banks in terms of accessing capital. Swiss Start up Factory works by having a number of entrepreneurs come to an event and present their business idea. Mike then evaluates each idea and chooses the ones he thinks have the most potential. Once he takes on a client, Mike will often provide capital and consulting to these start ups.


The CEO’s Participation at the 5th Annual Strategic Conference

NexBank Capital Inc. is a privately held company in Dallas, Texas. The team of professionals serving at the company provides financial and banking services to various financial institutions, corporations, and institutional clients in Texas. The company operates following three distinctive businesses that include Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. NexBank Capital is a parent company to Nexbank SSB (formerly known as Heritage Bank).

NexBank Capital Services

The Texas-based company offers different services to a wide range of clients in Texas. Their personal banking services include mobile banking, personal &commercial checking accounts, mortgages, savings account, internet banking, and treasury management. They are also renowned commercial lenders of the real estate and business loans. The company gives their client’s advice on different ways to service various loans, especially the group loans. They provide land advisory services to those looking to acquire a piece of land in Texas. Additionally, Nexbank is an excellent service provider to various institutions in the areas of corporate banking, mergers and acquisitions, and agency services.

The November 7 Conference

John Holt serves as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He was one of the panelists at the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M& A Conference on November 7, 2016. Mr. Holt took part in a panel discussion on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” The Texas Bankers Association hosted the fifth annual conference at New Orleans Louisiana.

The Purpose of the Conference

The conference attracts a large following from the bank leaders, consultants, and advisers in Texas. The panelists and participants present share on different issues in the banking sectors as well as the challenges encountered by community bank leaders.