ClassDojo Is A Tool That Is Transforming Communication For The School Community

ClassDojo is a company that launched not that long ago and they developed a program for education that vastly improves on the level of communication available to the schooling community. Teachers, students, and parents have never been able to communicate well in the past, and ClassDojo is filling that void in the market for communication. There are many other educational programs on the market, but none that focus on communication, and most of them cost a fee to use. ClassDojo is both easy to use for people of all ages and is completely free to use indefinitely. Also, not only does ClassDojo allow parents and teachers to stay in direct contact at all times, but it allows parents to regularly check in on their children to see how they are progressing.

Teachers using ClassDojo are able to monitor their students through the app and post things to the class board at any time, such as videos, pictures, notes, stories, and more, to either give feedback or share special moments that have happened in the classroom over the school year.

Many teachers have been enjoying the new tool ClassDojo has provided, as it has given them a way of engaging their students in the schoolwork and activities. This was the biggest reason for creating ClassDojo in the first place for founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, as they wanted students to receive a better education and become more involved with their schooling. Most teachers that Sam and Liam questioned expressed that many areas were lacking in the education system, but most especially communication. Many students fall behind because they do not get enough support from their parents or peers, and ClassDojo is remedying this.

Today, ClassDojo has managed to not only see use in the majority of schools throughout the United States, but also dozens of other countries around the globe. Since first launching, ClassDojo has always remained free to use for everyone, and it will continue to be free for the foreseeable future, so there is no better time to get started than today. Get signed up by asking for an invitation from a classroom teacher and become part of a new and fun education experience.

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$21 Million Raised By ClassDojo to Develop Parent-Teacher Meetings App

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million in its venture funding Series B round to fund the development of technology that will offer parents and teachers with a communication platform. The new technology will enhance the teachers, parents and students connection by allowing easier and frequent communication. Parents will benefit from the technology by getting to know about all student’s activities, behavioral and social development while at school. The new technology will allow efficient communication throughout the year and through the official school day on their children’s progress and behavior. This will reduce the surprise parents usually get when they learn of some behaviors in the conventional parent-teachers meeting held once in a semester.

CoFounders Insight

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo cofounders, stated that the series B round was closed sometimes late last year (2015). Chaudhary stated that the whole idea is aimed at guiding the conversations taking place at home and enhance the development and learning of kids at school. ClassDojo will make it possible for teachers to communicate their activity schedules to parents on a daily basis. The app will also allow teachers to take snaps and send them to parents to appraise them of their children’s activity participations and latest projects.

Creating Community

The founders stated that they saw their opportunity in 2011 about the need to have an app that would help in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. They set out to creating community between the students, teachers and parents. The app seeks to bring a ground-yp change in the way parents-teachers meetings are conducted, and could include some transactional features to enable parents pay for lunches, field trips or supplies.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and is situated in San Francisco, California. It is a class communication app that enables students to develop social-emotional skills. It also creates a simple platform for parents, teachers and the students to share the activities of the day via videos, messages and pictures. ClassDojo is among the education technology companies that are growing fast. It is loved and used by so many teachers, parents and students in over 2 in 3 schools based in the U.S. and an additional 180 countries. The team behind the app comprises of designers, educators and engineers from all over the world with backgrounds in charter and public schools.

ClassDojo Connecting Teachers Parents Students

It has been well established, that children with parents who are involved in their child’s school work and activities are more likely to succeed. As a rule, parents had to wait for a parent-teacher meeting to find out how their student was doing unless there was a problem. Thank’s to a new phone app those days are over. Parents and teachers can now communicate any time the need arises, weekly, monthly or even daily. Class DoJo users are apprised daily about what their kids are experiencing and how they are behaving at school. Knowing what is going on at school will make it easier for parents to have conversations at home with their child that will support and enhance the students learning experience.

ClassDojo, founded in San Francisco, California in 2011 is experiencing incredible growth, making it one of the fastest growing education technology companies of all time. To date, the startup has raised $31 million in venture capital. This funding will make it possible for ClassDojo to explore new features that will be useful to parents, and to expand their team.

ClassDojo has assembled a team of experts from around the world, engineers, designers and educators with backgrounds in public and charter schools as well as Google and Facebook and several others. Currently, several million teachers, students and parents in 2/3 of the schools in the United States, and 180 countries now use the app. Meaning 85,000 public, private and charter schools in the U.S. are now using ClassDojo.

Co-founders CEO Sam Chaudhary and CTO Liam Don assure users they will never make revenue of any data collected from users. Realizing privacy is paramount, particularly when children are involved, they feel they will be able to create new features for the app that parents will be willing to pay to use. In the future parents will be able to use the app to pay for things like lunches, school supplies, field trips, yearbooks or for any other reason they have to send money to school with the kids.

At this time the biggest users of ClassDojo are kindergarten through 8th-grade teachers. Among the many uses teachers are finding for applying the app is taking pictures of a student during the day, showing off his or her latest work or participating in school activities. Teachers and parents alike are enjoying the ease with which a teacher can keep parents informed about upcoming school events, daily progress reports if necessary and the opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to communicate.

ClassDojo Allows Parents to Become More Engaged with New Tool

The popular classroom app, ClassDojo, has recently announced that they are launching a tool with their app called Student Stories. This new tool will allow students to access their portfolios and add pictures and videos to them easily. To make this process even easier for the student, ClassDojo will not require the student to remember log-ins or passwords. Instead, the student will be able to scan a QR code that is unique to their class. Student Stories will allow the students to have more of a voice in their work, as well as involve their parents directly in what they are learning. Their teachers will need to review what the students added to their Student Stories before they are sent to the parents. The teachers will be able to post in the Student Stories section on the app as well.

ClassDojo is a resource that allows the teachers to connect with both their students and the parents outside of the classroom. It is a digital app that creates a community where parents are able to follow along with what their children are doing and learning in their classroom. Created by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo allows the students to take photos or submits snaps of what they are working on in the class to show to their parents. In return, teachers are able to share their class schedule with the parents as well so that parents can become more involved in the development of the child’s daily school life.

Founded in 2011, Class Dojo is now being used by over 85,000 schools across the United States. All types of schools, including public, private, and charter schools are using the app and most users are grades kindergarten through 8th. The app may hold more use in the future for students as well. That growth could include a social media platform, custom lessons or study guides for parents at home, and a transaction feature where parents could pay for things such as field trips or lunches.


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