Beneful Definition

Humanizing dog food was part of the purpose for the creation of the word “Beneful” to describe how eating this type of dog food would benefit dogs. The emphasis on nutritional benefits that dogs of all sizes can receive from the dog food is why the word was chosen in 2001.

Nestle Purina’s commitment to the health and well-being of their own dogs shows in the nutritional formulas they promote and actively use. The hours of creating the perfect recipe that appeals to dog’s palates while giving them the nutrition they need to thrive paid off. Nestle Purina’s nutritional experts are continuing to strive to create wet and dry dog food that is “full of goodness.”

The Beneful dog brand has been successful in helping pet parents keep their dogs happy and healthy. The varieties of both wet and dry dog food in the Beneful series of dog food products are tailored towards small, medium and large dogs. They even have different dog food formulas that help dogs in all stages of life from puppies to dogs entering their senior years.

By humanizing the dog food industry, Nestle Purina has tapped into the health conscious market. Pet parents that are concerned about their dog’s overall health and well-being turn to Beneful products to fill that need. Beneful has come to be defined as a dog food that satisfies the need for pet parents to care for their dog’s health.

To put this in perspective the makers of Beneful provide accurate nutritional information on all their products. It is important that pet parents are confident enough to trust their dog’s nutritional health to the makers of Beneful. Trust is a big issue. Nestle Purina stands by their Beneful products by ensuring that all products go through a rigorous testing.

Nestle Purina listens to dog owners and understands their needs. The Beneful brand of dog food products are specially formulated to meet and exceed those needs. It was because dog nutritionists and other dog experts suggested a new formula to replace meat as the main protein that they came up with the Healthy Harvest line.

Beneful Dog Food at Target

Target carries Purina Beneful dog food that ranges anywhere from 5 to 27 dollars depending on the size of the bag. Target’s Purina Beneful is made only for puppies and small dogs. A 3.5 pound bag is $5.49, a 15.5 pound bag is $12.99, and a 31.1 pound bag is $26.99.

Purina Beneful treats at Target range anywhere from 2 to 7 dollars. A 9.5 bag of Baked Delights is only $2.99 while a 16 oz Break-N-Bite bag is only $6.99. Shoppers can also get IncrediBites for small dogs and puppies, which is only $1.89 for a 3 oz pack.

Target also carries wet food in addition to dry food of the Purina Beneful brand. There is a package of Purina Beneful wet food, which consists of prepared meals of Tuscan Romana Mediterranean medleys. This is a variety pack with 12 3 oz cans. Other than this, Target mostly provides Beneful dry foods and treats. The most popular dry food flavors it sells includes: salmon, chicken, and beef.

Purina Beneful treats at Target come in a variety of flavors such as: chicken and sweet potatoes, beef and apples, bacon and cheese, as well as tomatoes and wild rice. Most treats sold are tender rather than crunchy. Shoppers can get a 30 oz crunchy Break-N-Bite in chicken and sweet potatoes for $6.99.

Shoppers can get coupons for Purina Beneful on Target’s website under the coupon section for pets. Coupons save anywhere from 1 to 3 dollars on Purina Beneful for both cats and dogs. In order to use these coupons, shoppers can select desired coupons by clicking “select to print”, and then clicking “print selected coupons” located on the left side of the page. Target’s coupon policy is also located on the left hand side of the page as well as any facts and questions.