ClassDojo Empowering Students Every Day

Studies have always proven that students who receive help from parents and a sense of encouragement from them always succeed more in school. When they are encouraged to study or they receive help, they have a genuine intention to continue growing and developing. ClassDojo allows for something like this to happen. This app gives teachers the ability to capture a moment in class and send it to parents in an instant, provided the parent also has downloaded the app. Teachers can video tape a speech or anything that a child does and show his or her mother or father in an instant. The app can capture a moment for a parent to remember forever.  More on

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Teachers today are also using it as a listening tool to better help showcase to parents what their kids need in an instant. It’s such a great way for kids to have their parents be a part of their educational journey. They can learn to see what the child needs and is looking for to better their school experiences. ClassDojo also has recently received $21 million in revenue funding, and it is the perfect way for them to help improve the app from the ground up and genuinely lead their team in the right direction to create more potential work for the future. ClassDojo wants to also add more features and provide even better ways for parents and teachers to better communicate. Only time will tell what other things they add to make it even more worthwhile for students.  Source:


EOS- Not Your Average Lip Balm

Chapstick has long been a dominant presence in the lip balm market, but a new lip balm has been born, giving the consumer more variety and an exciting new way to experience soothing therapy for the lips. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is an orb of flavorful lip balm that delights all of the senses with its therapeutic orb case, fantastic smells, colors, and flavors, and even satisfying “click” when you close the orb. EOS lip has really broken the mold when it comes to traditional lip balms.

EOS lip balm was born seven years ago and has since made its way onto the shelves of Walmart, Walgreens, and Target, despite its stiff competition and difficult climb to the top. EOS has even been featured in well-known fashion and beauty magazines and celebrities have even been spotted using the fun orbs. Currently, EOS sells over 1 million units a week and is projected to increase to 2 billion by 2020, thanks to the high demand for organic and natural products like EOS.

EOS ( has been made with women specifically in mind and has become known as “the lip bam that makes you smile.” The target audience of EOS is primarily Millennials-or women between the ages of 25 to 35 who are savvy and style conscious. EOS has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. Just one picture of a new EOS flavor can get a whopping 40,000 likes-easily. EOS has even partnered with other major brands, like Keds.

In just seven years, EOS has grown to become a real household name and can be found in countless handbags. The EOS lip balm company is continuously working on creating new and exciting collections to keep up with the demand for their innovative and popular lip balm product.


ClassDojo Helps to Keep Parent Involvement at a High Level

With the changing face of technology in every area of our daily lives, it is no surprise that even on a child education level we would be seeing technological implementation at some point in time. If you aren’t yet familiar with ClassDojo, you may be in the near future. Many school systems have already begun to, or have been, using their services. In fact 90 percent of k-8 schools within the US have been actively participating in the ClassDojo experience.

ClassDojo is an online resource that is dedicated to opening a constant line of communication and collaboration in the classroom between students, teachers, and parents. This means that throughout the school day a parent can see what their children are doing through the use of video, text, and photos. It would eliminate the once or twice a year meetings where parents are updated on school behavior and progress. Instead, consistent involvement allows parents to always be informed. ClassDojo helps to create a classroom experience for children that is extremely supportive and communication driven. This way every individual involved in a child’s educational experience can help mold it to become the most intuitive and ideal classroom it can be.  Related post on

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ClassDojo remains a free to use app and refuses to ever make a profit off user data, especially since their product centers around children. For now ClassDojo focuses on being parent driven but it is likely we will see more family friendly options to help keep parental participation in their children’s school related activities more consistent by making it simple for them to be involved.  Click this.

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DIY Clothes Using School Supplies by Wengie

Wengie is a popular YouTube vlogger who has over six million subscribers. Her videos typically range from makeup and beauty to DIYs and everyday life hacks. In her video “DIY Clothes Using School Supplies” she shows us how to use simple school supplies to turn any old piece of clothing to a brand-new design! Wengie’s DIYs are fun, easy to do, and are a great way to save money! Some of my favorite DIYs that Wengie explains in this video are:



Wengie shows us how to turn any old t-shirt into a cool new tank top by cutting off the sleeves and lowering the neck line.



Wengie turns a pair of plain denim shorts into colorful highlighter shorts by using highlighters, sponges, and bleach, and warm water.



Wengie turns a pair of plain white canvas shoes into cool galaxy colored shoes using Sharpies, rubbing alcohol (98%), white paint, and a spray bottle.



Wengie has lots of videos where she demonstrates DIYs, beauty tips, life hacks, and so much more!



Jennifer Walden Achievements

Jennifer Walden is a well- known plastic surgeon in the United States. Her achievements in the industry have made her one of the most successful and famous surgeons in the world. Warden has vast experience in performing complex cosmetic surgeries. The doctor is regularly sought by media houses to discuss the developments taking place in the industry.


Jennifer Walden is among the registered medical practitioners who are certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification gives the successful surgeon the license to practice her expertise in any country in the world. Jenifer is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Doctor Walden acquired her skills at the American College of Surgeons. She is currently based in Texas.


Before settling in Texas, Walden was practicing her career in New York City. The surgeon worked in some of the most respected hospitals in the city such as the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, the well-known Lenox Hill Hospital and several other clinics. Apart from being a successful plastic surgeon, Walden is a lecturer too. Jennifer has had the opportunity to teach at several universities in the country.


Walden currently operates her surgery center in Texas. Jennifer is in charge of all the operations in the clinic. Jennifer has won the hearts of many women in the cosmetic patients in the country because of her experts. She understands the women who came in for the surgeries, and she does not judge them. Many organizations have honored the surgeon due to her professionalism and prowess.

Yanni Hufnagel is the American Dream

There are far too few Americans that really strive to reach their dreams. Most of us get up in the morning, go to work, come home only to do it all over again the next day. Yanni Hufnagel, however, is one who has fallen down and continued to get back up to try and reach his dreams.


Yanni Hufnagel is one of the best college basketball recruiters in the country and currently the assistant coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team. He has been an assistant coach for several men’s college teams, including the Harvard men’s team.


Being of Jewish descent, Yanni Hufnagel has made a name for himself, including a few basketball coaching rivals he has been involved with against other Jewish coaches. Before his name received higher recognition, he had a few bumps in the road.


While attending high school in Scarsdale, New York, he was cut from the varsity basketball team. He didn’t let that slow him down. He became a color analyst for the local broadcast of the school and made a name for himself. After a brief stint at Penn State, Yanni graduated from Cornell.


After Cornell, he was able to get an internship with the New Jersey Nets, his first foray into the NBA. This helped him land his first coaching position as a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma where he was part of the coaching team that developed NBA sensation Blake Griffin.


Yanni Hufnagel was then hired as an assistant coach at Harvard. This was no small task as he not only had to develop his own coaching style, but had to recruit top level ivy league ball players, and still maintain a competitive edge for the Crimson men’s team. Yanni has always overcome any challenge to prove that his dreams are not out of reach.




Eric Lefkofsky Strikes Again – This Time at the Heart of Cancer


Eric Lefkofsky makes you realize how little you’ve accomplished in your life. After receiving his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993, Lefkofsky co-founded Brandon Apparel Group. Since that time, he and his business partner Brad Keywell, have launched at least eight other companies, three of which he took public, including an e-commerce marketplace company called The Point, which you may know better by its more recent name – Groupon. Lefkofsky still serves as Groupon’s chairman and is its biggest shareholder, but last year he stepped down as its CEO to pursue a different kind of venture.


At 47, the serial entrepreneur set his sights on cancer.  Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a biotechnology company, with the aim of creating a vast library of cancer data and then pairing it with a search engine that will allow doctors to personalize treatments for their cancer patients.  Have a peek here.


Cancer is an extremely complicated set of diseases. No single course of treatment or medication works best for every patient. Over the past few decades, mountains of data have accumulated through research and clinical case histories, but that data is spread throughout the world’s universities, cancer research centers and hospitals, and more is being added every day. Doctors simply don’t have the time to collect and analyze the data. Lefkofsky wants Tempus to do the analytics for the oncologists. Ideally, a physician will be able to enter the medical and genomic history of a patient, and Tempus will reach out and find the research and results that most closely match the patient. This will allow the best treatment options tailored to the individual. More on


Forbes puts Eric Lefkofsky’s net worth at nearly $2 billion, and Groupon, one of the fastest growing companies in history, might be legacy enough for most people, but Lefkofsky didn’t rest on those laurels. Perhaps the reason lies in a statement he made in a recent interview. “You start a company when you believe you’ve identified a big problem — a problem painful enough that you want to spend time fixing it.”

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Award Winning Healthcare CEO Maggie Gill’s Legendary Success

Maggie Gill is the currently serving at Memorial Health University Medical Center as the CEO and President, a healthcare provider based in Savannah, Georgia, catering to South East Georgia and parts of South Carolina. Maggie started working for Memorial Health in 2004 as Vice President. She is in charge of directing executive and professional leadership, financial management and operational and policy planning.

She was instrumental in key expansion, development and restructuring projects at the organization with tremendous success. She rose through the ranks to end up at the top spot in 2011. Recently, Maggie announced a successful strategic partnership between Medical Health and EON Health that enables Medical Health patients to enjoy a custom no-premium Medicare program with extended benefits such as dental and hearing. This is part of her push to have affordable quality health care accessible to everyone for community growth in line with the Affordable Care Act.

Maggie has had an award-winning career in healthcare. Before Medical Health, Maggie worked for Tenet South Florida Health as the CFO where she was severally recognized with the title Tenet Outstanding CFO. Just recently, her leadership and management success at Medical Health was recognized by Beckers Hospital Review, a prominent regional healthcare journal, on their list of “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know.” She also made the Beckers list of women leaders the same year.

Her enormous success at Tenet exposed her to various other institutions and their operational systems such as Coral Gables Hospital and Palmetto General Hospital among others and attracted the leadership position at Medical Health.

Maggie Gill is passionate about mentoring medical students to impact community development. The Georgia Medical Society has credited her cohesive approach to executive management of healthcare professionals. Her team at Medical Health won seven awards at the society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes forum in 2016.

Maggie Gill is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s and Saint Leo University, FL with masters. She advanced further with a strategic thinking and management course at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. During her free time, she loves the outdoors and is to be found enjoying activities such as adventure travel, fishing and hiking with her family.