Get Your Plumbing Fixed by Happy People

The Sunny Plumber company is different from other plumbing companies in the world because it offers lively, enthusiastic repair work. Many people have had to deal with grumpy plumbers at one time or another. Sunny provides a refreshing alternative by sending people with smiling faces to do the work. The Sunny trucks depict the company’s overall pleasant attitude on them. They have a picture of a smiling sun holding a wrench to express that repair work can be a splendid experience for everyone.

Sunny Plumber offers a broad range of services such as drain and sewer cleaning, pipe inspections, scour jet service, water line replacement, water heater repairs, clog fixes, gas line service, repiping and more. The list of projects that Sunny is willing to take is extensive. The specialists who work for the company can work on the plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home including the outside areas.

Sunny is unique in the way that it services its customers because it offers them special memberships and discounts, as well. For example, the Sunshine Membership Club offers Sunny customers 10 different pluming elements. They can receive inspections, discounts, drain clog removal, faucet checks, flow checks and more just for enrolling in the club. Furthermore, Sunny always has some interesting promotions going on. One of the promotions that it has is the repair coupon. New customers can get $25 off any repair or maintenance job.

If those aren’t enough reasons to call 602-761-7928 for pluming work, then here is one more: The customers love the company. All consumer reviews about this firm refer to its professionalism, pleasant attitude and superior service. Residents have many good reasons to try something different and contact The Sunny Plumber today. It’s about time people start letting some sunshine into their lives.


Tony Petrello: The CEO And President Of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the current President and CEO of the Nabors Industries. This is a company that deals with oil, gas and geothermal drilling. They operate in different countries in America, Africa, Middle East and the Far East.

Mr Petrello was elected to the executive committee board and also the board of directors of the company in 1991. He was serving as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the company from 1991 to 2011. He was later promoted to his current position in 2011. He became the deputy chairman of the board in 2003 and later the chairman. He has been serving as the chairman of the executive committee since 2012.

He is the president and CEO of the company, and he is charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the operation of the company. In addition to that, he provides strategic planning and direction that enable the company to achieve its set goals and objectives.

Before joining the company, Tony was working for the Baker McKenzie law firm between 1979 and 1991 when he resigned. His responsibilities in the firm included general and the corporate law, international arbitration and taxation. In 1986, he was promoted to the position of the managing director of the of the New York firm until 1991.

Tony serves with a team of people including William Restrepo who is the CFO and Mark Andrews, the corporate secretary among others.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. He also has a Juris Doctors, Law from the Harvard School of Law.

He serves as a director to two companies Stewart & Stevenson LLC and the Hilcorp Energy Company.

Overcoming adversity

Tony’s daughter was born with periventricular leukomalacia a neurological condition caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. It was after this that he decided to support research being done on the different conditions that affect children. He is an advocate to a clinical program that addresses the needs of children with neurological conditions. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Tracking Mentions Of Brand

The bigger and more famous a brand gets, the more mentions it is going to get. While a lot of business owners may believe that their online reputation starts and stops with the reviews, the truth is that the image of the brand could go beyond what is said on review sites. There are many platforms that people could use in order to talk about many different topics. Among the platforms that are used for mentioning brands is social media. However, keeping up with every mention of the brand is almost impossible for the business owner to do all by himself. Fortunately, there are tools that people could use to track every mention of their brand.

One tool that is useful for this activity is a monitoring tool. According to, this lightens the load for business owners when it comes to finding every mention of his brand. The monitoring tool will alert the user on each and every mention of the brand. The best type of monitoring tool does more than just alert the business owner of every mention of his brand. It also gives an indication of the weight and the priority of the mention. This will let him know whether or not he should respond to the brand mention.

It is not wise to ignore every mention of the brand. For one thing, customers want to do more than buy products. They also want to be able to interact with the brand. One of the signs of a company that is worth doing business with is that it listens to the customer. A good company is also going to interact with the customer and address any questions or concerns. Customer interaction is one of the most important aspects of business success. If the customer feels ignored, then he is likely to move away from the business.


Wessex Elibrary Offers a Unique Opportunity of Learning

There are many reasons why an individual may want to consider utilizing an elibrary for their researching needs. Just like visiting a library provides one with all of the resources that they may need to accomplish certain tasks, whether it be for school, work, business, or as a personal hobby, it is highly imperative for them to know that many of the same types of resources can be obtained at an elibrary.


Wessex elibrary may be one of the best online library catalogs that is available for people to utilize and learn from. There are a vast array of resources for reading, writing, and an overall spectrum of learning. However, it is necessary for you to visit the website so that you may learn not only how to use it, but also so that you can become accustomed to the elibrary so that you can utilize it for everyday learning. Wessex Library offers people an opportunity to learn and possibly even make a living off of the knowledge that they have attained from their very own home. A user of the elibrary will not need to travel far if their local library is located at quite a bit of a distance. Please feel free to see what Wessex elibrary has to offer for you today.

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OSI Group: Beyond the Food Business

In 1907, Otto Kolschowsky moved to America from Germany not knowing he would be the originator of a fruitful meat business that would later change into a worldwide pioneer in food services and another age mastermind for world nourishment. Beginning with practically nothing, only two years in the wake of touching base in America Otto Kolschowsky opened a little meat den in Oak Park, Illinois. Starting in 1928 his business extended and developed permitting him to move his meat market to Maywood, Illinois there after calling his market, Otto and Sons.

In later years, Otto and Sons took a stab at greater objectives. In 1955 McDonald’s author Ray Kroc searched out for the freshest meat accessible for his recently opened fast food business. From that point on, Otto and Sons was no longer only a residential community meat wholesaler and are still the sole provider of meat for the fast food customers, and also others are KFC, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut.

Starting at 1973, Otto and Sons was a primary supplier for McDonald’s and needed to enhance productivity, nourishment stockpiling, and transportation for a broad range of requests. The arrangement was opening their first mechanical meat plant where meat squeezing and cryogenic food preparing occurred. Besides conveying to McDonald’s, Otto and Sons still craved to take into account independent companies, nearby stores, and eateries, so it shaped a littler meat merchant called Glenmark. In 2011, Glenmark got to be claimed by Best Chicago Meat, another meat processor organization.

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From 1975 until today, Otto and Sons have another name-OSI industry. While as yet having a similar vision Otto Kolschowsky once had, Sheldon Lavin now the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Industries.

Helping the privately owned business into another period of success, Lavin has not been the big cheese. Beginning in 1970 as Otto and Sons financial expert and handler, Sheldon Lavin became crucial in the organization until 1975 when the Otto Kolschowsky and his two children resigned. With time Lavin looked as accomplices resigned and left the organization until he held full control of OSI Industries.

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