One-hundred gigabits of Laidlaw and Principals—Matthew Eitner and James Ahern Wrongs

An epidemic does plague the United States legal system today, and it’s getting worse. First, most people do not know how to use the legal system or what it actually is; when one is faced with a legal crisis, the first thing that comes to mind is to hire an attorney or law firm. And here lies the problem; can we trust the legal process when we know nothing of its operation? Consequently, among the fifty states, each state has its own and different legal design. Individual state courts are separate from federal courts.

By general scale, the legal system and its process are clandestine, hidden, and foreign to most people’s understanding. So how do we know when an assertion of false and misleading proxy materials has been perpetrated by Laidlaw and its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern?

Relmada Therapeutics hired Laidlaw—an investment bank, as Relmada’s financial adviser. Laidlaw’s main business is in capital markets.

Relmada Therapeutics filed an amended complaint in the federal court. The complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada was based on the above mentioned breach. Prior to the amended complaint, Relmada had filed a temporary restraining order, and associate injunction against Laidlaw for dissemination of false material. Relmada’s board found it necessary to write letters to their stockholders explaining the situation, so was it obvious that each stockholder understands the legal implication of the breach, and the fiduciary duty owed to Relmada by Laidlaw? Did the stockholders understand the legal arguments behind the amended complaint?

It’s assumable everyone acknowledges a controversy; but jurisdiction, and complicated legal theory places Relmada Therapeutics’ claim in federal court. How much of that would be hard-copy? My guess maybe, about 36-inch-height of legal folders piled on top of each other. In conclusion, I would question, does it take this much effort to prove a wrong?

George Soros Not Black Lives Matter’s Bank

There has a been a long-standing rumor ever since the inception of the Black Lives Matter movement. This rumor theorizes that the movement was created by people working for liberal billionaire George Soros and that he himself was funding the entire movement. Right-wingers that hold this belief think this way because Soros has been a longstanding supporter of Hillary Clinton and has even helped her raise money in the past for her campaign. The Black Lives Matter has been known to interrupt speeches by presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush in the past year. The movement has also been in the news in recent days protesting more killings of black men by policemen after being stopped for relatively harmless crimes.

Kelly Riddel is an investigative reporter for the Washington Post. She has said that Soros has used his Open Society Foundation to funnel money through different left-wing charities and get the money to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ken Zimmerman is the U.S. director of the Open Society foundation. He has stated that the rumors alleging that George Soros funded Black Lives Matter is unfounded. The $33 million dollar comes from a portion of the Open Society Foundation’s charitable donations that go to social justice campaigns. A lot of this money was earmarked for the fight to stop the war on drugs. Zimmerman stands by his numbers that prove that George Soros couldn’t have possibly funded the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Black Lives Matter is also far too splintered and neutralized to be funded by a single entity. It is a completely grass roots organization thats leadership is different from one community to the next. There is no leader that can divvy out the money or a headquarters for the organization at It is a completely grassroots paradigm that is effected through peaceful protests, online blogs, and Facebook discussions. The hashtag is often trending on different social media sites because of the steam that the Black Lives Matter movement has gained due to the recent killings. This type of operation is almost impossible to be run or funded by just a few people, let along George Soros by himself.

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