What George Soros Has Planned Ahead

Ending A Long Hiatus
After the 2004 defeat of John Kerry, George Soros decided to call it quits when it came to politics. He had long supported Democrats, such as his backing of Bill Clinton in the 1992 and 1994 presidential elections, but that particular election had an impact on him. He was absolutely certain Bush was going to lose that election. His hiatus lasted for more than a decade, but the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton turned everything around. He was excited about the prospect of politics again.

A Crushing Defeat
George Soros placed immense efforts into the campaign of Hillary Clinton. He served as a sort of bellwether, donating millions into super PACs designed to support the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Others quickly joined Soros and helped to give Hillary Clinton the largest campaign fund of any politician in American history. However, Trump was still able to pull off a victory in the electoral college on Time. Although this victory did not give him a popular vote victory, which he lost by two points, he was able to pull turnout among right leaning voters in the right states to ensure a victory. The victory came as surprise to just about every, but George Soros is exceptionally infuriated.

Making 2017 A Better Year
While 2016 delivered some crushing defeats, George Soros does not want to back down from politics on Politico. In fact, he is planning to help the left stage a comeback and eventually return to power. To bring this change about Soros is working with the leaders of the Democrat party and progressive donors such as the Democracy Alliance. With their assistance, Soros is certain the left can recover and find a way to gain back some favorable positions in national politics on project-syndicate.org. The first thing on the agenda of Soros is to fight Trump by any means in order to prevent him from enacting his agenda. The Trump administration, flush with religious conservatives and CEOs, is likely to attempt to undo much of the progress of the last 8 years. George Soros wants to stop that from happening. See: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2014/11/20/wake-up-europe/

John Goullet Improves IT Staffing Services through DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet IdeaMensch

In a recent interview for IdeaMensch, John Goullet discussed different issues regarding young entrepreneurship. According to John Goullet, the idea of founding an IT staffing firm started 24 years ago. Although Goullet has been in business for over 22 years, he realized a gap in the IT staffing industry 24 years ago.

John Goullet’s typical day starts with workouts from 6 am to 7 am. He then makes his way to the office by 8 am and leaves the office by 6 pm unless he has a dinner appointment. John Goullet brings his entrepreneurial ideas to light by reading and paying attention to the market trends. For example, the idea of starting Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm came after realizing that there was a shortage of IT staffing professionals in the United States. Through Info Technologies, John looks forward to developing technological solutions and services to meet specific clients’ IT staffing needs.

Trends in the IT staffing industry

Over the recent past, technology has experienced drastic transformation. In fact, it is an ever-increasing and growing part of the GDP. As such, demand for technologists is increasingly becoming a trend. For Goullet, the future of Diversant is bright as the firm commits to delivering highly-qualified and experienced IT staffing professionals.

What makes John Goullet a successful entrepreneur?

John Goullet attributes his success in entrepreneurship to productive paranoia. The fact that competitors are always nipping at his heals motivates Goullet to propagate the organization forward.

About John Goullet

Upon graduating from Ursinus College in 1994, John Goullet started his career as an IT consultant before switching to an IT staffing professional. Having learned to navigate market shifts, John founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm to provide IT solutions to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies.

While at Info Technologies, John would concentrate on understanding the corporate environment as well as specific IT staffing needs of his clients. He would match his professionalism, personal drive, and commitment to meet clients’ needs. During Goullet’s regime, Info Technologies grew to an award-winning organization, having featured twice on the list of the most growing IT start-ups in the United States.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/john.goullet for more.

There Are Always Great Options For Phone Services At FreedomPop

There’s nothing wrong with making comparisons with different cell phone companies when a customer wants to choose a company for their services. So many different companies make promises that they are not keeping by advertising prices that change once a customer goes to pay for services. FreedomPop has all of their prices posted, so there is no need to guess about what it will cost to get services. FreedomPop’s cost of Internet services is also transparent as well as the cost of cell phone services. FreedomPop even has a free cell phone service, which a FreedomPop review is likely to speak about.


Getting the free cell phone service doesn’t require showing any income to prove that it’s low enough to qualify for the services because the services are available to anyone. Some people simply don’t want to pay for cell phone services, especially if they don’t use the services a lot, so choosing the free services that FreedomPop is offering can be a good deal for anyone. The free service gives 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages with 500 MB of data. Although many people don’t say much about the talk time or text messages, the low data may be a problem for some people.


FreedomPop has always allowed its customers a way to gain more data, and they can do it in several ways. Join the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop for only five dollars a month to get unlimited Wi-Fi service on a cell phone. Using the Wi-Fi service for the cell phone can also allow the user to make phone calls, send text messages and to use data on their phone while through Wi-Fi services. This type of service is available for most smartphone users with Wi-Fi access. Those using the Wi-Fi service can get extra data for the paid plan as well.


The paid plan for $10.99 only comes with 500 MB of data with unlimited talk and texts. FreedomPop also has some great offers from their partners that can be completed by customers in order to earn them free data for their cell phone service. Also, anyone can choose to pay for extra data at the cost of only two cents per megabyte. Choosing to get the unlimited everything plan for $19.99 per month is also a great option because it offers the user unlimited talk, text messages, and data throughout the entire month for a low price.



The Kabbalah Center Offers Tools for Lasting Joy

Joy is a quality that can make a true difference in a person’s life. When people feel joyous, they feel as if anything in life is possible. This is something that those at the Kabbalah Centre know well. They are aware of the fact that it is important for people to find joy in many kinds of places. Finding joy means looking both outside and inside of person’s life at the same time. Joy is everywhere people look today as long as they know where and how to look for such qualities. When people are able to find the kind of joy they need in life, they are able to find a sense of something in life that will help them feel wonderful about all aspects of their lives.


Discovering True Joy

When people look for joy, they look for joy in many parts of their lives. Many people find joys in their families, allowing them to feel as if joy is not only near them but also present in people who they love. When people are able to study texts closely, they are able find new ways of seeing world and discovering that joy is a quality that exists in many places they had not known about before. The ideal at the Kabbalah Centre is to find joy in all parts of person’s live at all times.


Using Ancient Texts For Help

Those here at the centre are those who have not only found joy in their own lives, but joy in such texts. They know that it is easy to find joy as long as people know how to locate it. Lasting joy, the joy that goes beyond a sense of short pleasures, is a joy that they can show others. The ideal behind creating lasting joy is creating a sense of joy that does not leave but continues to stay in person’s life no matter where they are and what they are doing at any given time in their lives. This can help participants at the Kabbalah Centre lead the kind of lives they want.

Making A Difference Where It Counts

Many people dream of living a life that is rewarding and also makes a positive impact on others. It is important to develop an uplifting personal situation so that the people within the surrounding community feel a positive vibe. Winning friends makes it easier to gather the support that is needed to accomplish ambitious goals. Adam Milstein has been able to continuously rise to levels of success throughout his career and personal life. His humble beginnings are the foundation that provide the strength needed to carry out many difficult task. His work in philanthropy has been studied and provides a blueprint for other organizations who wish to make an effective difference in their environment.

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel. He is the son of a real estate developer. Adam spent time in the Israeli Army and attended college soon after. He later joined his father’s company and began to develop projects throughout his local community. Adam eventually moved to the United States with his wife and children. He settled in California where he obtained a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Adam forged a successful career which began as a real estate agent.

Adam Milstein has done great work in philanthropy. He and his wife Gila launched The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in an effort to strengthen the Jewish community. The foundation provides services that assist Jewish people on many levels. It is designed to observe the process of individual development and provide the training and resources that are needed to assist each person in maximizing their potential. Adam believes that effective philanthropy is done in a hands-on manner. It is important to know the needs of the community that is being served. There must also be careful attention paid to the allocation of resources. Accountability is crucial when gauging success. Community activist must understand how its program is directly affecting those they are trying to help. Adam’s three philanthropic principles are: Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact and Philanthropic Synergy. These concepts are thoroughly applied when Adam and his wife are looking to get involved in a situation that fits their Foundation.

Chris Burch And The Life Of An Employee

Being a successful employee is considered by many to be a pipe dream at best. However, there are some that get tired of being an employee. For one thing, the life of an employee can get really hard. For one thing, the employee is often stuck at a job that he is not very thrilled about. Chris Burch also has to start work at a set time. On top of that he often has to put in long hours dealing with other stuff at work. Some jobs require him to use some creativity as well. However, there is a limit to his creativity because he has to make sure that he does not go against the image of his company


The conflict between productivity and creativity is one thing that the employee has to face. However, it is much easier for an entrepreneur. For one thing, the entrepreneur gets to decide on the image he wants to present to the audience. He also gets to decide on if, when, and how he wants to change his image. As a result, he is free to be as creative as he wants as well as being productive. It does help to take advice from someone on what to do when it comes to being productive and productive.


Among the people that know about productivity and creativity is Chris Burch. He is someone who values finding the needed balance between creativity and productivity. One of the things that he suggests when it comes to balancing creativity with productivity is finding a time to be creative and a time to be productive. This is actually one way to be organized when it comes to business.


Chris Burch is someone who is very successful because he has the mind of collaboration. He is both an entrepreneur and an investor. He has taken the time to help build more than 50 businesses. Given his experience in starting a business and bringing it to success, he is someone that can be trusted for advice on what to do when it comes to starting a business. He has a lot of marketing skills and the ability to change with the market.

ClassDojo Is A Tool That Is Transforming Communication For The School Community

ClassDojo is a company that launched not that long ago and they developed a program for education that vastly improves on the level of communication available to the schooling community. Teachers, students, and parents have never been able to communicate well in the past, and ClassDojo is filling that void in the market for communication. There are many other educational programs on the market, but none that focus on communication, and most of them cost a fee to use. ClassDojo is both easy to use for people of all ages and is completely free to use indefinitely. Also, not only does ClassDojo allow parents and teachers to stay in direct contact at all times, but it allows parents to regularly check in on their children to see how they are progressing.

Teachers using ClassDojo are able to monitor their students through the app and post things to the class board at any time, such as videos, pictures, notes, stories, and more, to either give feedback or share special moments that have happened in the classroom over the school year.

Many teachers have been enjoying the new tool ClassDojo has provided, as it has given them a way of engaging their students in the schoolwork and activities. This was the biggest reason for creating ClassDojo in the first place for founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, as they wanted students to receive a better education and become more involved with their schooling. Most teachers that Sam and Liam questioned expressed that many areas were lacking in the education system, but most especially communication. Many students fall behind because they do not get enough support from their parents or peers, and ClassDojo is remedying this.

Today, ClassDojo has managed to not only see use in the majority of schools throughout the United States, but also dozens of other countries around the globe. Since first launching, ClassDojo has always remained free to use for everyone, and it will continue to be free for the foreseeable future, so there is no better time to get started than today. Get signed up by asking for an invitation from a classroom teacher and become part of a new and fun education experience.

Scottsdale’s Jason Hope Making Dreams a Realty

Do you have hopes and dreams for the future? Jason Hope, an entrepreneur from Scottsdale Arizona does, along with many ideas on how to improve and brighten it. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance and finished his education with a Master of Business Administration from the same school. His entrepreneurial mind and the ability to have a vision for the future correlating to technology is impeccable. His work involves various platforms that leverage technology and computer related information.

Jason’s prediction is that the Internet of Things (IoT) will greatly increase in the near future. The IoT will shape society and the accessibility to data, information and ultimately control. His idea is that manufacturing and healthcare will adapt to this movement and provide these fields to grow and allow companies to make worthwhile decisions. Data is shaping these industries and the ability to capture and analyze will enable this to occur. The connectivity people will have to manufacture processes remotely will provide more control through ongoing computer analysts.

Philanthropy is a big deal to Jason Hope. He supports numerous organizations but one close to his heart is SENS Research Foundation. It is a charitable foundation, that is looking for new research that treats age-related disease. Jason’s dream is not to lengthen life but to improve the quality of life longer. The thought is to be innovative and research new ways of thinking through technology and challenging the status quo. Part of the status quo that Jason Hope (@jasonhope) is challenging is being proactive instead of reactive. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventing disease is typically less costly and is better for the body than actually treating the disease.

Jason’s ambition and hope for the future is a welcome breath of fresh air. His dreams are real and he is seeing them through for the greater good.


Talk Fusion Maintains Its Tradition of Touring Two Destinations Annually By Planning a Trip to Milan in December 2017

Talk Fusion is a leading enterprise specialized in helping businesses grow their businesses with improved marketing for increased sales, profits and customer service. In 2016, the firm launched an all-in-one video online platform that actively engages the users with their audiences. The company which began operating in 2007 with the leadership of its founder, Bob Reina, has grown to serve clients from more than 140 nations. Talk Fusion expands its business and sells its products with the use of the “World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan” program that is conducted by their independent associates.


In November 2016, Talk Fusion announced its plan to reward its most active independent associates and partners with a major trip to Milan, and others to Maui, Tampa, Orlando, and Hawaii. The company announced the trip through its companywide live broadcast on November 7th, 2016. The trips are additions to Talk Fusion’s various incentives such as diamond rings, Rolex watches, and a brand new fully purchased Mercedes-Benz. In December 2016, the company will execute its first step in the plan by touring Dubai between 1st and 4th. The “destination Milan” trip is set to accommodate both the active and the future independent associates of the firm. Talk Fusion is looking forward to inspiring the employees in preparation for 2018’s business plan.


Bob Reina commented that Talk Fusion has unwavering dedication in providing its associates and partners with the required motivation and deserved awards. Allison Roberts, the vice president of the Training and Development sector, added to state that the company enables the dreams of their staff to manifest. According to Allison, most people dream to travel the world and spend a lot more quality time with their families. Talk Fusion allows the qualified independent associates who meet the diamond status at work, to travel to the set destinations with their spouses.

$21 Million Raised By ClassDojo to Develop Parent-Teacher Meetings App

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million in its venture funding Series B round to fund the development of technology that will offer parents and teachers with a communication platform. The new technology will enhance the teachers, parents and students connection by allowing easier and frequent communication. Parents will benefit from the technology by getting to know about all student’s activities, behavioral and social development while at school. The new technology will allow efficient communication throughout the year and through the official school day on their children’s progress and behavior. This will reduce the surprise parents usually get when they learn of some behaviors in the conventional parent-teachers meeting held once in a semester.

CoFounders Insight

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo cofounders, stated that the series B round was closed sometimes late last year (2015). They explained that they would use the capital in growing their team and figuring out the kind of features and content that will be of use to parents using the app at home. Chaudhary stated that the whole idea is aimed at guiding the conversations taking place at home and enhance the development and learning of kids at school. ClassDojo will make it possible for teachers to communicate their activity schedules to parents on a daily basis. The app will also allow teachers to take snaps and send them to parents to appraise them of their children’s activity participations and latest projects.

Creating Community

The founders stated that they saw their opportunity in 2011 about the need to have an app that would help in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. They set out to creating community between the students, teachers and parents. The app seeks to bring a ground-yp change in the way parents-teachers meetings are conducted, and could include some transactional features to enable parents pay for lunches, field trips or supplies.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and is situated in San Francisco, California. It is a class communication app that enables students to develop social-emotional skills. It also creates a simple platform for parents, teachers and the students to share the activities of the day via videos, messages and pictures. ClassDojo is among the education technology companies that are growing fast. It is loved and used by so many teachers, parents and students in over 2 in 3 schools based in the U.S. and an additional 180 countries. The team behind the app comprises of designers, educators and engineers from all over the world with backgrounds in charter and public schools.