Ricardo Tosto’s Competency as a Brazilian Litigator

Brazil is home to many lawyers and among them is Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto is one of most renowned commercial litigators in Brazil who has worked in the industry for almost 22 years now. He represents clients and provides consultancy services in areas of corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, business restructuring, acquisition review, banking contracts and reorganization. Besides commercial law, Ricardo is skilled in civil law, electoral law and administrative law. Mr. Tosto represents and advises a huge range of clientele including big businesses, multinational organizations, entrepreneurs and all those who need the best legal help.

In 1991, Mr. Tosto and Zanon de Paula Barros established Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados, one of the best law firm in Brazil. The firm started small but has now grown to accommodate some of Brazil’s prominent litigators. The law firm specializes in commercial law and provides legal advice to companies in various sectors. Since inception, Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados has garnered an excellent reputation in giving clients good results when representing them in a court of law.

Ricardo Tosto holds a law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and another one in business administration from FAAP. He started his career at Rede Energia, one of the largest Brazilian companies that produce electricity energy. He later served as the director of Redeprev Social Security Network Foundation, after which he co-founded the law firm.

Besides representing and advising his clients, Mr. Tosto has different tasks in the legal community. He is a member of the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre and the International Bar Association. Ricardo once served as the president of the Judicial Reform Committee at the Brazilian Bar Association – Sao Paulo Section and also the Judicial Modernization Committee. He has also played a vital role in establishing the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research.

Ricardo Tosto is also an author who has written numerous articles and reviews that have been published in various journals. Mr. Tosto and Paulo Guilherme Mendonça Lopes, who is also a lawyer at Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados, wrote the acclaimed book O Processo de Tiradentes.

ClassDojo Connecting Teachers Parents Students

It has been well established, that children with parents who are involved in their child’s school work and activities are more likely to succeed. As a rule, parents had to wait for a parent-teacher meeting to find out how their student was doing unless there was a problem. Thank’s to a new phone app those days are over. Parents and teachers can now communicate any time the need arises, weekly, monthly or even daily. Class DoJo users are apprised daily about what their kids are experiencing and how they are behaving at school. Knowing what is going on at school will make it easier for parents to have conversations at home with their child that will support and enhance the students learning experience.

ClassDojo, founded in San Francisco, California in 2011 is experiencing incredible growth, making it one of the fastest growing education technology companies of all time. To date, the startup has raised $31 million in venture capital. This funding will make it possible for ClassDojo to explore new features that will be useful to parents, and to expand their team. While there are numerous education app’s on the market, ClassDojo is a free app designed to create a culture and community among teachers, parents, and students.

ClassDojo has assembled a team of experts from around the world, engineers, designers and educators with backgrounds in public and charter schools as well as Google and Facebook and several others. Currently, several million teachers, students and parents in 2/3 of the schools in the United States, and 180 countries now use the app. Meaning 85,000 public, private and charter schools in the U.S. are now using ClassDojo.

Co-founders CEO Sam Chaudhary and CTO Liam Don assure users they will never make revenue of any data collected from users. Realizing privacy is paramount, particularly when children are involved, they feel they will be able to create new features for the app that parents will be willing to pay to use. In the future parents will be able to use the app to pay for things like lunches, school supplies, field trips, yearbooks or for any other reason they have to send money to school with the kids.

At this time the biggest users of ClassDojo are kindergarten through 8th-grade teachers. Among the many uses teachers are finding for applying the app is taking pictures of a student during the day, showing off his or her latest work or participating in school activities. Teachers and parents alike are enjoying the ease with which a teacher can keep parents informed about upcoming school events, daily progress reports if necessary and the opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to communicate.

IAP Recapitalization and Hurricane Matthew Response

IAP Worldwide Services has over the years provided multiple services to the U.S government, organizations, government’s multinational agencies and commercial industries. This international contractor integrates its abilities in order to provide innovative, safe and reliable solutions to its worldwide customers. The company, which operates in close to 120 locations all over the world, has its headquarters in Florida.

IAP Worldwide Services provides humanitarian groups, commercial enterprises and other governmental agencies with contingency support and facility management among other services. IAP, which was once owned by Cerberus, supported the U.S military in its Iraq freedom operation. It also supported the military in its Afghanistan similar mission.

Hurricane Matthew and Others

IAP Worldwide Services will provide help and emergency power to support Hurricane Matthew. It has deployed teams to the support bases, which are on the East Coast. IAP will assist the various states along this critical areas that are bracing themselves for the worst. In the past, the company has responded to other hurricanes namely: Katrina, Katia, and Sandy among others. The company has offered such support as emergency power, commodities, expert personnel and communications systems. During the serious hurricane spell in 2011, more than one hundred power experts were deployed in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

The Director and Chief Executive intimated that his company was in communication with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Pittsburgh preparing to provide public works support, engineering support among other services. The CEO also said that his company was constantly in communication with the U.S government along with other agencies supporting mobilization ahead of Hurricane Matthew. Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, is adamant that his company is ready to offer the help that is needed by the communities.

Kaye Scholer

IAP Worldwide Services owed a total of $479 to two lien lenders on Facebook. Restructuring followed and the entire engagement was attended by Kaye Scholer advocates. Restructuring was not going to be an easy thing and therefore the lenders relied on the Government Contracts and Regulatory Compliance Department. The wealth of experience boasted by the U.S National Security, was not left behind in these engagements. The worldwide restructuring efforts of the IAP is in good hands according to IAP’s worldwide president. He is confident that the company’s debt structure will be successfully right sized to allow it some liquidity so that it can invest and grow its business. The new ownership of the company has excited positive feedback as the employees feel they are in great hands.

The incoming owners have formed IAP Global Services, LLC to act as IAP’s holding Company. A new board has also been constituted.

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Lessons Learnt from Eric Pulier’s Success

Pulier is one of the highly-decorated professionals in the technological industry. He is based in Los Angeles but was raised in Teaneck. His is a story of excellence following his childhood passion.

Pulier, since his early years, had more than just a mere interest in computers. He was not just a curious kid, he indeed knew how to work his way around computers, at a very tender age. In fact, by the time he was in fourth grade, he was already programming computers. He also started his first computer database company while still in Teaneck High school.

Aside from technology interests, Pulier does other things, among them, journalism, editing, public speaking, entrepreneurship and philanthropy acts. His journalistic side bloomed when in Harvard University. He was an English and American Literature major. While studying here, he participated in writing a column for the Crimson Weekly. He also acted as an editor for the paper.

While at Harvard, Eric Pulier also took Environmental Studies and Computer Science. He would also attend the nearing Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The year 1988 saw him graduate Magna Claude. Six years down the line and his first company began. People Doing Things was established with the aim of developing technological solutions to solve various shortcomings in the economy. With the company, Pulier hoped to improve the quality of life for various communities.

Since PDT, Pulier has developed more companies that have been very successful. Some, he has retained under his name, while others have been sold for millions of dollars. This is to say that Pulier is a very successful Technologist.

Apart from living the dream, Pulier uses a fair share of his wealth to help the less fortunate in the society. Being a family man, he is particularly interested in helping children. Especially, those suffering from chronic illnesses. For this reason, he started Starbright, an application for helping children with long term illnesses and chronic diseases form friendships and share their stories. Also, he is a board member and contributes to The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses.


The CEO’s Participation at the 5th Annual Strategic Conference

NexBank Capital Inc. is a privately held company in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero founded the company in 1992 with the aim of providing financial services to the customers. The team of professionals serving at the company provides financial and banking services to various financial institutions, corporations, and institutional clients in Texas. The company operates following three distinctive businesses that include Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. NexBank Capital is a parent company to Nexbank SSB (formerly known as Heritage Bank).

NexBank Capital Services

The Texas-based company offers different services to a wide range of clients in Texas. Their personal banking services include mobile banking, personal &commercial checking accounts, mortgages, savings account, internet banking, and treasury management. They are also renowned commercial lenders of the real estate and business loans. The company gives their client’s advice on different ways to service various loans, especially the group loans. They provide land advisory services to those looking to acquire a piece of land in Texas. Additionally, Nexbank is an excellent service provider to various institutions in the areas of corporate banking, mergers and acquisitions, and agency services.

The November 7 Conference

John Holt serves as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He was one of the panelists at the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M& A Conference on November 7, 2016. Mr. Holt took part in a panel discussion on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” The Texas Bankers Association hosted the fifth annual conference at New Orleans Louisiana.

The Purpose of the Conference

The conference attracts a large following from the bank leaders, consultants, and advisers in Texas. The panelists and participants present share on different issues in the banking sectors as well as the challenges encountered by community bank leaders. Another activity at the conference includes a detailed exploration of different principal opportunities through organic growth and branching.



Wikipedia Expands Native American Coverage

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has revolutionized how we find information on almost any subject. Wikipedia is the first place millions of people go when they are seeking information about companies, individuals or any other topic of note. Wikipedia has 29 million users and over 5.2 million articles written in English, making it one of the biggest projects on the internet. That said, Wikipedia realize there are certain subjects where they are lacking and would like to offer better coverage. Recently it was noted that a well-known Native American multimedia artist and poet, Esther Belin, had no presence on Wikipedia, even though this woman has received high praise for her work and is a best-selling author. The foundation that runs Wikipedia realizes there is not enough said about indigenous peoples and is taking steps to improve its coverage by creating Wikipedia pages about native peoples.

Why does this happen? There are two reasons for the lack of coverage, demographics, and access. Researchers at Oxford University discovered editors are more likely to represent cultures and places around the world than they are to write about their local cultures or countries. Access to broadband often determines if a would-be editor participates or not. Lack of broadband access is a particular problem for people living on tribal lands. Sixty-three percent of Native Americans living on tribal lands do not have access to broadband, and the numbers are even worse for people living in rural tribal areas.

Wikipedia holds an annual conference for Wiki editors and enthusiasts, Wikiconference North America this year will include an Indigenous Peoples’ Day edit-a-thon. Attendees will research articles about Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. Event organizers are hopeful of finding more articles about historical figures, Native American tribes, and movements in the community. Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia as an editor as long as they follow the Wikipedia guidelines.

If you are interested in learning how to make a Wikipedia page, your page must be supported by a reliable source, formatted correctly, and written using the Wikipedia style. Having a Wikipedia page will add credibility and professionalism to any business, profession or another topic of note. Therefore proper editing is necessary to assure your acceptance. Veteran contributors and first timers alike rely on getyourwiki.com for professional writing and editing. The team of veteran Wikipedia editors at getyourwiki.com will provide all the help you need to be successful in your Wikipedia submission.

Keith Mann Raises Funds for the Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann is a successful executive in the search industry. He is recognized as one of the individuals who have been in the department for a long time, and he has a lot of experience in staffing and hedge fund compensation. He has worked in different companies in the top positions, and this is why he has acquired a lot of experience.


Before starting his company, Keith Mann was the Managing Director in an institution known as Dynamic Executive Search. He did well in the company, and he was responsible for recruiting for the global finance firms. Keith increased the profits and sales of the company during his tenure. He, however, resigned from the Managing Director position in the company to start the Dynamic Search Partners in 2009.


Dynamic Search Partners focuses on alternative investment organizations, and it has transformed the lives of many companies in the United States. Keith Mann is the chief executive officer of the company, and he is in charge of the daily operations of the institutions. He mostly focuses on helping his customers in merchandising, internal strategies, hiring investments and developing new platforms.


The Dynamic Search Partners, under the leadership of Keith Mann, recently hosted a special program for the Uncommon School. The event was held at the popular Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The event was attended by some of the prominent members of the financial services community in the country. The program managed to raise over twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon Schools. According to Keith Mann, the funds raised during the event will be used to support an exclusive program for student in the charter school.


The Uncommon Schools are based in New York City, and their main aim is to prepare millions of students who come from financially challenged families in the United States. The school ensures that these students get an opportunity to attend a good college and get good employment opportunities in some of the prominent companies in the country. The funds raised will help the institution in fulfilling its objectives to these students. Keith Mann and his organization are doing their best to ensure that the students have a better life and attend good colleges.

Gooee LED Lighting

Gooee LED Lighting is a top source for all the new type of LED lighting that is available. The fact is that LED lighting is gaining great popularity across the country. The average consumer is starting to realize that LED lighting is one of the most efficient ways to light their home or business. In addition, LED lights will help them to save more money on their energy bills. Even the government estimates that requiring the country to switch to this new lighting system will save energy and reduce waste. Consumers realize that incandescent bulbs were actually wasting energy and a threat to the environment.


More About LED Lighting

Of course, Gooee LED Lighting is available to answer their customer’s questions about this new type of lighting system. LED lighting is a very efficient way to light a home or business. We recommend switching to this lighting source as soon as possible to enjoy all the advantages. The top advantages are that they are energy efficient and will last much longer than an incandescent bulb. Certainly, this is enough to convince the average consumer to switch to LED lighting.


What’s Available

One question that pops up constantly is the availability of LED products. Customers would like to know what type of LED products are available? LED lighting is currently available in a wide variety of products. For example, commercial lighting, recessed lighting, and even holiday lights. Don’t hesitate to contact Gooee LED lighting for more information on LED lighting for your home or business.

Josh Verne’s Insight of Being Successful

As the old saying goes, old is gold. The same is for Josh Verne. Twenty years of experience in entrepreneurship and business have made him a very resourceful business person. The advice he offers is enough to transform a normal person into a successful person. Josh Verne has devoted his life to starting, developing and ultimately selling his business for a lot of money. In the past, Josh Verne has been involved with successful ventures such as Workpays.me. Currently, he is with Flocku.com where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. He attributes success to seeing what other people cannot see and also happens to be his favorite quote.


4 years ago, he joined hands with Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas to come up with a corporation called Workpays.me. With only a few months into the business, the company had generated a lot of revenue and had turned these gentlemen into heroes. Josh Verne most influential books are Made in America by Sam Walton and the Rocky. Recently, he talked about the tips that one should follow about being successful and this is what he had to say.


Find out your passion

Josh Verne figured out that everyone must have something that they love. To be successful, you must find out what you love and concentrate on it. He talks of figuring out that one thing that makes you wake up early in the morning. People lacking a passion in life end up complaining all the time about how their lives are boring. However, Josh Verne acknowledges that there are people with passion and they are not successful in life.


Balance is everything

To be successful in this world, Josh Verne recommends people to live a balanced life. For instance, there is the need to have wealth, being healthy and finding love. Where balance doesn’t exist, Josh Verne says that success is unlikely to prevail. People with a family should ensure that there is food for their family so that they do not starve.

Listen more than you speak


Being successful requires one to speak less and listen more. This is according to Josh Verne who says that’s the reason people have two ears and one mouth. He acknowledges that whenever people speak less and listen more, they give their words more power than people who talk more and listen less.


Finally, to be successful, Josh Verne advises people to be leaders other than being bosses. People should also ensure that they are concerned about the welfare of others and should strive to ensure that fairness prevails.


The Immense Contribution of Dr. Avi Weisfogel to the Dental World and To Sleep-Disorders

Sleep apnea has ravaged the lives of a countless number of people worldwide. While researching for a cure, it became evident that there was indeed a strong degree of correlation between sleep apnea and conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and even strokes. Therefore, finding a remedy for the lack of sleep would consequently result in a cure for the related medical issues as well.


Rethinking Strategy


Dr. Avi is among the leading researchers and voices in this particular realm. His works are responsible for the discovery of numerous techniques and treatments. It is now well-known that there is indeed a correlation between oral hygiene and sleep. Dentists are now more involved in sleep apnea than at any other time in all recorded history.


The medical experts are forced to go back to the drawing back to rethink strategy. The remedies which used to work in the past cease being effective, and new approaches have to be developed. One of the most recently introduced mechanical treatments for sleep apnea is the THN Sleep Therapy developed by ImThera Medical. The device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in clinical experiments.


FDA Approval


New age treatments for this condition are smaller in size and inconspicuous. They are easier to use, and the implant devices often work quietly in the background. A majority of the inventions available today act by keeping the upper airway channels open. They relax the muscles in the upper airways, and this induces sleep.


The FDA issued a go-ahead and a green light to innovations targeting the stimulating the upper airways in 2014. Dr. Avi Weisfogel considers the new solutions as a win-win scenario. Here’s why: Doctors help to find a definitive cure for sleep apnea, and they also make some money on the side in the process.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Together with two other dentists, they founded the Dental Sleep Masters in April 2004. The clinic based in South Orange, New Jersey was mostly concerned with the research and development of new means and avenues of combating sleep apnea. Before cofounding Dental Sleep Masters, Avi was a principal lecturer and owner of the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Dr.Avi is a devoted father and husband who loves skiing and sports.